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Fraser's Hill International Bird Race 2015

2015 Fraser's Hill International Bird Race

Birdwatching in Malaysia showcases the Fraser's Hill International Bird Race 2015 which takes place this 23-24 May 2015 and this is also the 28th series for the unique bird race here since 1998.

Over thousands of birders and bird watchers have visited Fraser's Hill to participate in the Bird Race which is conceptualized by the Selangor Bird Group and Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) and the Fraser's Hill Development Corporation.

Fraser's Hill International Bird Race

This year, local and international birders will make their way to Pahang to participate in this niche event which has seen steady growth in this sport over the last decade.

Birdwatching in Malaysia has also seen a number of local birding clubs form in Peninsular and also over in Sabah and Sarawak Malaysia. 

Frasers Hill International Bird Race
Birders in Malaysia
Fraser’s Hill is often been referred to as a first-class bird-watching destination in Peninsula Malaysia since this highland paradise is home for more than 250 species of wild birds. 

Come November and December each year, the virtually untouched Montana forests of Fraser’s Hill receives many species of newcomers.

These are the migratory species that fly across from places as far as northern Siberia of Russia and remote islands north of Japan and neighboring landmass, to seek new feeding grounds as well as to escape the freezing winter up north.

Logo Fraser's Hill Bird Race
Fraser's Hill International Bird Race Logo
The sightings of Siberian thrush from Siberia are often reported and they are truly a rare treat to ardent birdwatchers. 

Normally these migratory visitors stay around in Fraser’s Hill for a couple of months before migrating southwards to Australia and New Zealand. 

They will eventually leave here and fly back home to the north in March and April when to welcome the summer there. 

Fraser's Hill International Bird Race Objectives

• To promote Fraser's Hill to local and international birdwatching as a top-class bird-watching destination.

• To encourage birdwatching as an academic and healthy outdoor activity

• To create awareness among both Malaysians and foreigners on the rich flora fauna in Fraser's Hill

• To protect Fraser's Hill as a bird sanctuary and as an important part of Malaysia 's rich natural heritage to be preserved for future generations.

Birdwatching at Fraser's Hill Pahang
Bird Watchers in action
It is a known fact that many rare and endangered species are often sighted in Fraser’s Hill. Endangered local species such as the wreathed hornbills and rhinoceros hornbills can be easily spotted at times too. 

Bird watching is a non-spectator activity. Many people have the impression that a bird race is an event where birds actually race or being raced against each other. 

Actually, a bird race is a ‘fun race‘ where teams of three bird watchers compete against each other in sighting, identifying and recording the most number of species (not birds!) within the boundaries of Fraser’s Hill which cover an area of 2,804 hectares of lush tropical jungles, and subjected to stipulated ground rules set by the organizers. 

A bird spotted at one of the recent bird races in Malaysia
For instance, in order not to disturb the birds, the use of electronic equipment such as tape recorders and loudspeakers is strictly prohibited.

Throughout the race, participants are not allowed to communicate with other competitors regarding the whereabouts of the birds except members of his/her own team.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in the forfeiture of species that have been recorded in their team logs.

This year, the competition will be divided into three distinct categories;

1. Advanced category: For serious and experienced bird watchers.
2. Novice category: For those who just take up bird watching out of curiosity or treat bird watching as an academic hobby.
3. Local category: For the local residents who know the whereabouts of the birds in Fraser’s Hill are.

Fraser's Hill International Bird Race 2015 Banner
The Fraser's Hill International Bird Race 2015 Poster
Fraser's Hill International Bird Race 2015 Prizes

For the prizes, a total of RM15,000 has been allocated which include RM 2400, RM 2100 and RM 1800 for the first, second and third prizes respectively in the advanced category and smaller sums for the novice and local categories. 

The rules this year will also be slightly stricter with the inclusion of checkpoints at various strategic spots where participants will have to register in order to maintain their eligibility.

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This year's sponsors include Omicron, Minox, and DSC World Sdn Bhd and the bird race is also supported by Tourism Pahang, Tourism Malaysia and endorsed into the Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015 or MyFest2015 Calendar.


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