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Booking’s Best Awards 2015

Bookings Best Awards 2015

The world’s number one accommodation site unveils Booking’s Best Awards 2015 – an exclusive award that goes to only 260 accommodations out of a possible 600,000 from around the world - as decided by over 40 million real, relevant and recent customer reviews. 

The awards honour accommodations in 60 countries worldwide from globally renowned destinations such as the UK, Germany and Italy, to those truly remote locations such as Seychelles, Cape Verde and Mauritius.

Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer of Booking.com stated - 
“We know that accommodation can make or break a trip. With the incredible insight gained from the extensive number of guest reviews on the site, we are able to identify what it is that makes an accommodation unique, what adds that extra sparkle to a guest’s stay’’ 
“We are so proud to work with our Booking’s Best awarded accommodations to give travellers the most unique and incredible experiences. Being called ‘Booking’s Best’ is an indication of quality that can be completely trusted as it comes directly from our verified guest reviews.’’
Booking Best Award 2015
Some of the categories 
This year for 2015, Booking.com has expanded its Booking’s Best Awards by recognising accommodation which offers that extra something special to their guests, from the best breakfast to those that are best for business, most eco-friendly and offering most value. 

Additional ‘Booking.yeah’ lists have also been identified to help travellers find those accommodations which offer the most delicious cocktails, the best freebies or even amazing towel origami. 

These unique ‘Booking.yeah’ accommodations highlight how properties can delight and surprise their guests with even the smallest detail, making for a lasting travel memory. These insights were found by leveraging the wealth of travel data contained within Booking.com’s customer reviews. 

The Booking’s Best Awards spotlight accommodation highly rated by real reviewers according to specific criteria, including: 

• Region – Global, Off the Beaten Path, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East & Caucasus, North America, Oceania, South & Central America
• Accommodation Type – Apartments, B&Bs, Farmstays, Hostels, Hotels, Resorts, Tents & Camping, Villas
• Traveller Type – Families, Groups, Mature Couples, Solo Travellers, Young Couples
• Best of Rest – Breakfast, Business, Hall of Fame, Value

Booking Com Best Awards 2015
More categories in the awards
Booking.com’s research across 17 markets has shown that over half of holiday-makers are likely to provide reviews on the places that they have stayed on holiday, while 85% of travellers feel that having access to these reviews helps them to make better decisions about where to stay. 

The opinion of online reviewers has been found to rank third after price and location as the biggest influencer in a booker’s decision, ranking higher than the opinions of close family and friends. This highlights the importance of having a strict vetting process to ensure that all reviews are real, relevant and recent.

The Booking’s Best Awards Global Top Ten:

Casa Roma Luxury Apartment
Hyades Mountain Resort
Kato Trikala Korinthias
Breitner House
United Kingdom
Rosemount House & Stables Cottage
United Kingdom
Appia Antica Resort
Casa Ferri
Woodlands Guesthouse
United Kingdom
Riad Les Nuits de Marrakech
Bacchus Apartman - Borbarlang

The Booking’s Best Awards enables potential travellers to find the right accommodation right now with help from the experiences and insights of fellow travellers. 

In addition to winning spots on the coveted lists, each Booking’s Best accommodation is awarded a badge of distinction that is featured on the property’s individual Booking.com page, as well as being featured on a dedicated Booking’s Best website which lists all the awarded accommodation for The Booking’s Best Awards. 

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