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Matta Fair Travel Packages

Matta Fair Promotion Packages are highly sought after due to the demand from the general consumers here in Malaysia. This Matta Fair 2015 happening in March at PWTC will see quite a huge number of travel agents and tour companies participating. After a devastating year in 2014 for tourism and travel in Malaysia, many are looking forward to 2015 as a great year to travel around and with the Matta Fair March happening, we are sure to see some exciting travel packages being offered by the various travel agents here.

Among the many travel packages at Matta Fair, Tourism Malaysia is doing some serious promotions on domestic packages in Malaysia. You can find travel packages for Johor, Sabah, Sarawak, Perak, Melaka, Langkawi and Penang to name a few and these packages come in all sorts, from family travel to couples and groups. Packages include islands, homestays, ecotourism and even agrotourism in Malaysia.

However, most visitors will be looking for international promotion packages at Matta Fair as these highly sought after deals are best found at the largest travel fair in the country. Popular highlights include East Asia, Europe, Australia and Americas. You can also read about the next upcoming Matta Fair September 2015.

Choices are abundant at Matta Fair
Matta Fair Sabah Packages
Sabah Tourism Booth at Matta Fair offering loads of Sabah Packages
Before you read the different types of travel packages offered below, I would like to share with you some Matta Fair 101;

Matta Promotion Package Sabah
Various promotions offered
Per Pax - This means, per person.

2 to Go - This means, price for two persons.

4D3N - This means 4 Days and 3 Nights.

Add-Ons - These are optional items which can be added on to your tour and travel packages. Usually additional tours are added on to existing packages.

Upgrades - This are options for the customer to upgrade their packages. Usually for hotel rooms.

From RM288 - This is tricky, it means packages are from that price and can be more if you choose different hotels and so on.

3D Free & Easy - This means 3 Days, free and easy. Only hotel and breakfast included. Sometimes, airport transfers are included. This kind of options gives you the freedom to explore the destination on your own.

Matta Nepal Tour Packages
Private Tour Package
Full Board - Package includes B/L/D or Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Booking Fees - This is the commitment fee you pay for the tour when you buy them. Different tour agents have different booking fees which is Non-Refundable.

Ground Only - This means, the package is only for the hotel stay, transport, food and tour. Flights are on your own.

Travel Period - This means the package has a travel period or duration. You must travel within the given travel dates.

Fixed Departure Dates - This means the tour packages are fixed to one date and once the agent reaches the quota, the tour proceeds, otherwise they can be re-timed to another date.

Validity - This is the time of the tour package validity. Usually they set a time frame for the package. If you do not use it by the expiry time, it is gone.

Matta Fair Thailand Packages
Types of packages
Dep Date - This means that the travel package has a set departure date. You must follow that given date.

FIT - Free Independent Travelers. This means individuals, couples or groups under a minimum number offered by the agent.

GIT - Group Inclusive Tour. This means large groups traveling, this is also set by each individual travel agent.

Private Tours - This means, the tour package is specially catered to only you and your group. No other travellers will join in the tours giving you privacy.

For you can visit Travel Industry Dictionary for more information on the travel industry terms.

Japan Tourism Booth at Matta Fair
Matta Promotion Packages to East Asia

When you say East Asia, this refers to places like Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan as the preferred holiday destination. Usually visitors will purchase these packages to travel during the mid year school break or towards the end of the year just before winter in those countries.

Japan is right now very popular as many Malaysians prefer to visit Japan, especially Hokkaido and Osaka so you will find a number of Japan Travel Packages at Matta Fair. Even the Japanese National Tourism Board or JNTO has been very aggressive in promoting Japan to Malaysians over the last two years. Again, please check due to AirAsia X offering cheap flights to Japan, there are full board packages and ground only packages.

Muslim Package to Japan 2015
Muslim Packages to Japan
Some of the reputable travel agents to look for at the Matta Fair for Japan and Korea Tour Packages include;

○ Reliance Tours
○ Mayflower Tours
○ Apple Vacations
○ H.I.S Malaysia (Japanese Tour Company in Malaysia)
○ Poto Tours (Muslim Travel to Japan, China, Korea)

Europe Packages at Matta Fair
Various Europe Packages offered
Matta Promotion Packages to Europe and America

After recent years, the trend in travel packages to Europe seem to be 7-10 days all inclusive packages which include flights, hotels, transport, food and tours. This is a hassle free package where travelers can simply follow the tour guide from city to city and different countries. Usually many will choose this due to language problems and with a tour guide, everything is easy.

Prices can range anywhere from RM5000 to five figures, depending on the type of tour you prefer. Luxury tours to Europe can cost up to five figures and these are quite popular here.

Matta Muslim Packages
Getting information on the many travel packages
Some of the reputable travel agents to look for at the Matta Fair for Europe and America Tour Packages include;

○ GTT (Golden Tourworld Travel)
○ Parlo Tours
○ Best Tour
○ Malaysia Harmony

Matta Fair Muslim Packages
Muslim Packages sold at MattaFair
Muslim Tour Packages at Matta Fair

One of the most popular tour packages sold at the Matta Fair, Muslim Travel Packages are highly sought after by Malaysians. Simply because that tour companies now work hand-in-hand with tourism boards in countries like China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan in providing halal food and praying facilities in the tour packages.

There are Muslim Tour Packages which are full board and some of the them are ground only. This does not mean that the cheaper the package, the better. Always ask and read the descriptions of any Muslim tours before you buy them.

Malaysia Muslim Packages
Matta Fair Muslim Packages
Recommended Muslim Tour Companies at Matta Fair;

○ Poto Travel
○ Apple Muslim
○ Malaysian Harmony
○ Triways
○ Felda Travel
○ Summit Holiday

Cruise Packages at Matta Fair 2015
Star Cruises, popular packages at Matta
Cruise Packages at Matta Fair

One of the up and coming tour packages in Malaysia where many are now looking towards cruise tourism as a vacation. Cruise packages come in various types as well. You have the local cruise packages where you board in Malaysia and cruise to Thailand or Singapore. These local cruises are usually from 3 to 4 days.

There are also the overnight cruises or 'cruise to nowhere' where you just go to international waters and come back the following day. For the international cruise packages, you can choose Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Alaska and Caribbean Cruises which usually are priced from RM5000 and above per person.

Popular travel agents selling cruise packages are;

○ Malaysian Harmony
○ Star Cruise
○ Parlo Tours
○ 12Fly

Matta Fair March
International Hall 1 and 2 at Matta Fair
Matta Fair Directory

Local and Domestic Packages - Hall 3 and 4
All the local Malaysian travel packages are found here. You can find the local state tourism board booths here too. Travel packages to Langkawi, Sabah, Sarawak, Johor, Malaysian Islands, Penang, Pahang and so on are here.

Malaysia Theme Park and Waterpark Packages - Hall 3 and 4
If you are looking for theme park tickets and packages, they are located here. Examples are Legoland, Hello Kitty, Tambun Lost World, Genting, KL Bird Park, A'Famosa Resort, Universal Studios Singapore and many others.

Southeast Asia Packages - Hall 3
Here, you will find the destinations like Singapore, Bandung, Jakarta, Medan, Bangkok, Hat Yai, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines and even Brunei.

International Travel Packages - Hall 1 and 2 
All the rest of the world can be found here, including the many international tourism boards, airline tickets and so on.

Cruise Packages (Local) - Hall 3
Local Malaysia Cruise Packages are found here, especially those overnight cruises, those from Singapore, KL, Penang and Langkawi. Players like Star Cruise and Princess Cruises will have their booths around here.

Cruise Packages (International) - Hall 1 and 2
The international and luxury cruise packages are all located in these two halls. you will see names like Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Costa Cruise and also Star Cruise.

Promotion Packages at Matta Fair
Various promotional packages available at Matta Fair
There you have it, a guide to the Matta Fair for anyone who is visiting the travel fair in Malaysia. Again, the fair is held from Friday till Sunday at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur and the entrance fees per day is RM3 per person.

Parking around the PWTC is really bad so many people choose to take the STAR Train and walk across from the station to the PWTC. If you are driving, it is best to go there very early to get your parking. There are additional parking lots around PWTC which charge anywhere from RM10 to RM20 per day.

Matta March 2015
What some visitors do at the Matta Fair, compare prices from various tour agents
I recommend you go there early to the Matta Fair on each day to beat the rush. There PWTC is huge and spread into three or four main halls so there is a lot of walking to be done there. It is also highly recommended to watch your belongings as where there are massive crowds, pickpockets are found.

For those planning to visit the next Matta Fair 2016, you should take note of the information given above. Other than that, if you have any feedback, please do leave them here or if you would like to contact me for any advertising opportunities for the Matta Fair Promotion Packages.

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