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Sabah Tourism Federation

STF Tourism Federation in Sabah

The Sabah Tourism Federation (STF) was established on 11 February 2016 to unite associations and associates from the various sectors of the tourism industry to pursue mutual interest and cooperation.

Sabah Tourism Federation

The STF also encompasses 10 tourism and hospitality associations from around Sabah. This ceremony was also witnessed by Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Pang Yuk Ming.

The line-up of STF include leaders of local tourism and hospitality associations who are;

Sabah Tourism Federation Leaders

♦ President - Dato’ Seri Winston Liaw (Sabah Association of Tour and Travel Agents chairman)
♦ Deputy President - Fiona Hagan (Malaysian Association of Hotels Sabah Chapter chairperson)
♦ Honorary Secretary General - Christopher Chan (Sabah Hotel Association president)
♦ Honorary Treasurer General - Grace Leong (Sabah Tourist Guides Association president)
♦ Deputy Honorary Secretary General - Tony Chew (Sabah Tourist Association chairman)
♦ Deputy Honorary Treasurer General - James Ong (Malaysia Budget Hotel Association Sabah Chapter chairman) 

Sabah Tourism Federation Board Directors Members
Office bearers and board members of the Sabah Tourism Federation and tourism industry representatives.
Sabah Tourism Federation executive board members;

♦ Ritchie Lee (Sabah Backpacker Operators Association president)
♦ Djuanis Mogirong (Persatuan Homestay Sabah president)
♦ Dabalun bin Hj Balau (Persatuan Pemandu Pelancongan Bumiputra Negeri Sabah president)
♦ Robert Chong (Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents Sabah Chapter chairman).

The main objective of the federation would be to serve to promote and also protect the interest of members in particular, and the interests of the tourism industry in Sabah.

The federation will also act as a consultative body and representative in all matters pertaining to issues affecting the conduct and development of the tourism industry in Sabah. 

The president said STF would coordinate the rationalization of the various plans, programs, and activities undertaken by the various sectors of the industry as well as the government and private sector.

The STF will also initiate and assist in the formulation of policies concerning the promotion and development of tourism and tourism standards for the industry in Sabah through legislation setting or safeguards.

Orangutan Photo 2015
A baby Orangutan from Sabah
He added that the federation would also assist in the promotion of both domestic and international tourism and in the upgrading of tourism infrastructure and services for the benefit of both members and tourists.

Meanwhile, assistant Tourism, Culture, and Environment Minister said that his ministry would work closely with the federation and he believed the formation of STF could reduce a lot of paperwork and red tapes in the future.

He said the government welcomed the initiative shown by the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the tourism industry to set up a federation because it would assist the government to push forward the tourism agenda in Sabah.

Also, all the Tourism bodies in Sabah are also now under the STF Umbrella.


The minister added the formation of the Sabah Tourism Federation would ease the process of consultation or reaching a consensus as the government would only have to communicate with an entity, which was represented by heads of respective tourism and hospitality associations.

The main image of the Sabah Tourism Federation is credited and supplied by Cede Prudente of North Borneo Safari in Sandakan.  

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