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Inuyama Old Town Review

Review of Inuyama Old Town

Inuyama Old Town is one of the traditional Japanese villages that once stood majestically hundreds of years ago and still stands strong today as one of the popular tourist attractions here in Nagoya, Japan.

The entire Inyuama city is a very laid-back and relaxing place with some amazing tourist sites to visit like the national treasure of Inuyama Castle which is the oldest fortress in Japan, dating back to the 1400s.

Inuyama Old Town Review

Inuyama () is located in the Aichi prefecture and translates from the Japanese language as Dog Mountain.

Historical notes state that the centre of the town was built by a Japanese warrior general, Nobuyasu Oda in 1537 while the history of Inuyama Old Town, however, goes back to the ancient `Kofun` period, when people built many gigantic mound-like tombs.

Roads that lead outside of the castle town were made curved and provided with a gate to protect the city from invasion from outsiders.

Inuyama Old Town Houses
One of the old homes in Inuyama Old Town

Things to do around Inuyama would be general historical sightseeing, visiting the Inuyama Castle, experiencing the unique Cormorant Fishing or Ukai (seasonal), explore the beautiful Meiji-Mura Historical Museum and simply do a walk-about tour around the old town area of Inuyama. 

Photos of Inuyama Old Town

Below are random photos taken all around Inuyama's old town in Japan.

Inuyama Old Town Shops
Street vendors along the main walking street

Restaurant Inuyama Old Town
One of the local restaurants

Inuyama Traditional Japanese House
A semi-modern Japanese home in Inuyama

How to go to Inuyama?

Basically, you have many options to travel ho Inuyama and the best way is of course via train if you are coming from Osaka or Tokyo.

From Tokyo: By Train - Almost 2 hours to Nagoya Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line.

From Osaka: By Train - 1 hour from Shin-Osaka to Nagoya Station by Shinkansen.

From Nagoya Station: 25 minutes from Meitetsu Nagoya to Inuyama Station by Meitetsu Inuyama Line.

For anyone visiting Nagoya, one of the best options is to fly in with AirAsia X as the carrier has four weekly flights into Nagoya from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Update: AirAsia X no longer flies into Nagoya.

The AAX flights land as Chubu Centrair Airport in Nagoya which is out of Nagoya City and you can also get additional information about transport, Inuyama or Nagoya from the Japan National Tourism Board website.


The beauty of Inuyama is that the historical city is located only 25 kilometres from Nagoya and can be done on a day trip.

However, it is recommended that you spend a night or two here to fully experience this place, especially Inuyama Old Town.

If you have any questions about my review of Inuyama Old Town, please leave them in the comment form below. 

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