Scuba Diving in Miri

Diving in Miri Sarawak

Diving in Miri was the last place I imagined I would be scuba diving at and last year, this opportunity came up and of course, I took it without thinking twice.

I have heard a lot of good things about diving in Miri from friends over the years but somehow, we never got to make a dive trip here.

The many dive sites here are also part of the Miri Sibuti Coral Reef National Park which is highly protected.

Scuba Diving in Miri

In 2014 while I was attending the Borneo Jazz Festival, I had the chance to explore some of the Miri diving sites.

I did this adventure with Coco Dive, a reputable and professional dive operator here where they took me to three dive spots where I was dumbfounded with what I saw underwater.

Not only was the dive sites untouched, but the marine and coral life here was also amazing and comparable with many other top dive sites in Malaysia. 

Coco Dive Center in Miri, Sarawak
Coco Dive Center in Miri, Sarawak

Dive Equipment Coco Dive in Miri
Dive equipment at Coco Dive in Miri

Miri Diving Boat
Getting ready to go for my dive

My divemaster and guide were no other than Ross Kelly, an Englishman who used to dive in Vietnam before calling Miri home.

Ross has 15 years of diving experience around the world and is a qualified PADI Dive Instructor. When I first arrived here, I found him to be professional and friendly at the same time.

I was also asked to produce my PADI Diving License but I had lost it, and Ross told me no worries as I could simply enter my details into the PADI website for the number. 

The beauty of diving in Miri is that the dive centre is in town and the jetty is located about 5 minutes' drive away.

All equipment and boats are well prepared for divers and when you get there, you are all set to go out.

While there are no islands to be seen on route to the dive sites, you will notice some oil rigs in the far distance. 

Miri Sibuti Coral Reef National Park Sarawak
Diving at the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park

On my scuba dive here, I was taken to Tukau Drop Off, Batu Belias and Eves Garden in one trip. Tanks were prepared ahead while the food was also prepared for the full day boat trip.

I have to say the service was very international standards especially when Ross was leading the dives.

More importantly, the safety checks were very strict and I kind of admired the level of professionalism involved with Coco Dive. 

Sadly, on this dive trip, I did not have an underwater camera and I regretted not bringing one as the sheer underwater beauty would have been easily captured with no problems.

I recommend you bring an underwater camera if you plan to dive in Miri - beg or borrow, you will not regret it.

Below are various Miri-Sibuti reef photos that were taken by Coco Dive and Sarawak Tourism Board. 

Miri Sibuti Dive Photos
Nudibranches see at Miri-Sibuti Dive Sites, Image Coco Dive

Dive photos of Miri Sibuti Dive sites
Beautiful, colourful and large sea fans in Miri

Diving Sites in Miri
Miri diving sites, photo from Sarawak Tourism Board

Coco  Dive in Miri

For any diving inquiries, you can contact Coco Dive in Miri as they are the recommended dive operator here supported by the Sarawak Tourism Board.

They are located in the main town area in their own little bungalow which is shared with a guest house called Coco House. So you can do the entire stay-and-dive here. 

Walking to town will take you a few minutes from Coco House too. There is a mini-mart that sells general goods and soft drinks throughout the day and there is a tour counter where you can book tours around Miri or Sarawak. 

Coco Dive in Miri
The facilities at Coco Dive in Miri

The facility also has a dive shop and a restaurant outside which serves some great food. For dives, a van is provided to take divers to and from the jetty.

Dive equipment is available from head to toe too so you can simply rent whatever you need here. Overall for divers, this is an awesome one-stop place and professionally operated.

Dive Sites in Miri
Miri Dive Sites

Coco Dive Miri Address
Lot 2117, Block 9, Miri - Pujut Road, 
MCLD, 98000 Miri, 
Sarawak, East Malaysia
Telephone: +6 085 417053  


As I am an avid diver, I have dived in many locations around Malaysia. Some of my favourite dive sites are Mabul Island, Tenggol Island, Lankayan Island, Sipadan Island and Siamil Island.

Now that I have experienced diving in Sarawak and seeing how beautiful and untouched the dive sites are, I look forward to coming back here for another round of scuba diving in Miri.

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