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China Airlines New Boeing 777-300ER Fleet

China Airlines New Boeing 777-300ER Fleet

The China Airlines New Boeing 777-300ER Fleet seems to be the talk of the town and also the aviation industry especially with all the amazing new features available for not only premium business passengers but also to economy passengers.

China Airlines is all out to ensure that passengers get the best of the best when flying around the world in their aircraft.

China Airlines New Boeing 777-300ER Fleet

The new China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER planes has a total of 358 seats, including 40 lie-flat Business Class seats, 62 Premium Economy seats, and 256 Zodiac Aerospace Economy Class seats which includes 30 Family Couch seats.

The brand new concept was led by a team of internationally renowned designers to construct a new brand image, including changes to its cabins, uniforms, and in-flight items that were hired by China Airlines.

New Premium Business Class China Airlines
The all-new Premium Business Class
Among the new features and highlights, my favorite is the much talked about Family Couch, which is the first of its kind in Asia.

This special seating configuration is actually a row of three Economy Class seats that together adapt to create a flat flexible space to stretch out and relax in.

It is also located in the first 10 rows of the economy class. Find out more about the China Airlines Family Couch Seats.

Premium Business Class Seats China Airlines
New Premium Business Class Seats
China Airlines New Premium Business Class

Among the much talked about China Airlines’ 777-300ER fleet is the prestigious Premium Business Class that provides every business passenger with a private and comfortable space.

Apart from the full flat-bed seats offered, the new cabin class offers an in-flight entertainment system boasting the industry’s biggest 18-inch ultra-big screen and countless hours of movies and entertainment. 

China Airlines New Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge on board the 777-300ER
Sky Lounge

One of the attractions here features the Sky Lounge which is a space that infuses the beauty of Eastern and Western art providing passengers with a space in the middle of the Premium Business cabin that thoughtfully integrates Eastern and Western culture and philosophy.

The Eastern “Literary Tea-tasting Area” on the left section offers a selection of teas from Taiwan, as well as small packs of green bean cake and nuts to compliment the tea. 

Sky Lounge Premium Business Class
Sky Lounge at the Premium Business Class

The Western “Fashionable Coffee Area” on the right provides aromatic coffee capsules and locally grown coffee that go well with Western pastries. A bar in the middle also offers cocktails, tapas and cup noodles as a variety section. 

Sky Lounge represents Taiwan’s impressive cultural and creative experience and the Oriental tranquillity found in the food culture of the literati.

A bookshelf-like space on the two sides of Sky Lounge provides a selection of Chinese and English books of the month selected by the airlines for passengers who prefer to read.

Full Flat Bed in Premium Business Class
Full Flat Bed in Premium Business Class
Full Flat-Bed Experience

China Airlines 777-300ER Premium Business Class has 40 Full Flat-Bed Spacious Seats in the herringbone arrangements which lays out at a full-flat 78-inch with privacy and comparable to any First Class seats.

User-friendly control panels by the armrest allow passengers to easily adjust their seats to their preferred angle. 

Each Premium Business Class seat comes with industry-leading 18-inch personal screens that offer over 100 selected shows for passengers to choose from.

A nice surprise is a noise-canceling headset that is available at each seat giving passengers the ultimate entertainment experience.

A cabinet, USB port, mini bar, individual seat lamps, and a power socket are cleverly placed for the ultimate passenger comfort giving them a feeling of home in the air.

Premium In-flight amenities of China Airlines
Premium In-flight amenities of China Airlines
Premium In-flight Amenities 

The premium in-flight amenities are also exclusively created for China Airlines where an elegant toiletry bag contains a 3-way static brush, weaved blanket and Italian natural skincare products with 130 years of brand history are included in each bag.

New Premium Economy Class China Airlines
New Premium Economy Class
China Airlines New Premium Economy Class

The all-new Premium Economy Class cabin features seats come with a fixed backshell design which carves out personal space free of interruption for passenger comfort.

To make the inflight experience better, a large 12-inch LCD screen has been fitted in the new premium economy class which runs on the Panasonic eX3 in-flight entertainment system. 

This 12" inch screen is also the world's largest inflight touch screen panel for airlines with similar classes.

Honestly, 12 inches is amazingly huge for me and I am sure for a lot of people and can you imagine watching movies, playing games or simply using the new Seat Chat function on this.

Premium Economy Class of China Airlines
Premium Economy Class
More Legroom and Front Sliding Seats in Premium Economy

China Airlines’ Premium Economy Class now seats 62 passengers and each row of seats is 39 inches apart to give passengers even more legroom.

Seats have a fixed backshell and front-sliding design, so passengers reclining their seats will not interrupt travelers in the row behind them.

This is something I would love to experience as one of the peeves of flying is when the passenger in front of you does a sudden recline, I am sure you know how that feels. 

Seats are also equipped with adjustable leg rests, and this extension of the seats provides passengers with more support and comfort.

Premium Economy Class offers many value-added services, including bigger, more comfortable space, a complimentary amenity kit, special in-flight meals with designer utensils, and baggage allowance of two suitcases up to 28 kilograms each. Definitely worth it if you ask me.

Family Couch Seats on China Airlines
The 1st in Asia - Family Couch Seats on China Airlines
Extra Storage and More in Premium Economy Class

Something I have always wanted is more space when I fly as you know the pouch in front of you can only hold so much.

The good news is that each seat in the China Airlines Premium Economy Class comes with a number of dedicated storage spaces, including a compartment for tablets on the side of the armrest.

In addition, passengers can put their personal belongings, such as mobile phones, glasses, and stationary, on the extra storage space next to each seat, which is lit up by a reading light. How cool is that? 

You know how it is when you try to put a laptop on the fold-down meal tray and this was also looked into where large functional tray tables fitted will give passengers more space for dining or working.

Each meal tray has an adjustable tablet holder, and when it is folded, a smaller snack tray can be extended to hold mobile phones or cups.

Each seat also comes with a USB port and power outlet so passengers can charge their electronics. I think I would love to try this feature, especially when I am traveling and working inflight.

New economy class for China Airlines
The new economy class for China Airlines
China Airlines New Economy Class 

The new Economy Class cabin enhances Comfort China Airlines’ new B777-300ER aircraft features new seat designs where the seats have slimmer seatbacks and recline 120 degrees to give passengers both more legroom and space to stretch out in.

In addition, four-way adjustable headrests and side cushions provide more support to passengers during their sleep. 

China Airlines Seat Chat
The Seat Chat of China Airlines
The new B777-300ER aircraft is also equipped with the Panasonic eX3 in-flight entertainment system, which features touchscreens, replacing traditional control units for selecting movies, shows, music, or games; and a social networking function called “Seat Chat”.

Seat Chat will allow passengers on the same flight to message one another. So if you are a group of friends or family traveling together and are indifferent seats, you can communicate with each other without getting up and walking around the plane.

Passengers can also enjoy onboard Wi-Fi service for a minimal fee starting at USD$11.95 for one hour, USD$16.95 for three hours, and USD$21.95 for 24 hours.

Inflight Menu China Airlines
The inflight menu offering gourmet and local food
China Airlines Business Class 777
Mood lighting in the Premium Business Class of China Airlines
About China Airlines

China Airlines was founded in 1959 and is Taiwan’s largest airline with a fleet of 85 aircraft and more than 11,000 employees worldwide.

As one of SkyTeam airline alliance’s 20 members, China Airlines offers passengers access to an extensive global network of more than 15, 723 daily flights to 1,064 destinations in 178 countries.

China Airlines has been named the “Best Airline in North Asia” by U.S.-based Global Traveler magazine and received the highest-possible 7-star rating for safety from AirlineRatings.com.

New Boeing 777-300ER Plane China Airlines
China Airlines new Boeing 777-300ER Plane
For more information and very unique website experience, head over to China Airlines Website to check out all the features of the new Boeing 777-300ER where you can also engage in some of the interactive functions there. 

As I am an avid traveler around Asia usually for my work assignments and some time for my own leisure, I look forward to one day trying out the new Premium Business Class on board the China Airlines New Boeing 777-300ER Fleet. 

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