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MATTA Fair 2015

March MATTA Fair

This will be a great year for travel, especially with the multiple choices at the coming MATTA Fair 2015.

Held at the usual place at PWTC in Kuala Lumpur, visitors to the MATTA Fair March 2015 will have loads of choices in travel deals and packages from March 13 - 15.

So if you have planned a holiday or vacation for 2015, keep yourself free for Malaysia's biggest travel fair and explore over 120 different exhibitors here.

With a track record of 100,000 visitors in previous fairs, 2015 will see about the same number or more attending.

MATTA Fair 2015

MattaFair 2015
The usual crowd at the Matta Fair
MATTA Fair 2015 Travel Deals
Some of the travel packages on sale at the Matta Fair
Matta Fair Sabah Booth
Sabah Tourism Board booth at Matta Fair
Malaysia Travel Packages will include all kinds ranging from family travel, kids travel, island and beach holidays to theme park holidays for the families.

At the Malaysia hall, you can find all of these packages being sold by large and small tour operators.

The bulk of them would be found at the Tourism Malaysia Booth, Sabah Tourism Booth and even the Sarawak Tourism Booth here. 

Instagram Contest at Matta Fair
Matta Instagram Contest
MATTA Fair Contests are also some of the highlights with Malaysia, My Dream Destination contest to continue to promote tourism in Malaysia, especially for MyFest 2015.

Other contest include the regular Buyers Contest and possible a MATTA Fair Instagram Contest too. 

Matta Fair 2015 Muslim Packages
Muslim Packages at Matta Fair 
Muslim Tour Packages are also one of the highlights as various tourism companies and tourism boards are also promoting their countries for Muslim travelers.

Visitors will be spoilt for choices that include Muslim Packages to Japan, Korea, China, and many other countries.

One of them is highly active in promoting Muslim packages to Japan which is JNTO or the Japan Tourism Board who in the last year has increased the Muslim facilities around multiple places in Japan. 

Visitors to Matta Fair
Foreign visitors at the Matta Fair 
Cruise Packages in Malaysia and other countries are also going to be one of the popular packages being promoted from the various cruise operators and tour companies here.

Visitors looking for some cruise packages will be in for some great deals offered by popular cruise companies in Malaysia like Star Cruise which sails around Southeast Asia. 

Matta Fair 2015 Japan Packages
Vendors explaining tourism destinations
Honeymoon Packages at MATTA Fair 2015 are also popular for the newlyweds as this is one of the best places to get some fantastic couple packages to unique and romantic destinations.

Popular places include travel packages to Maldives and Bali among the many destinations. However, you should not discount Malaysia as there are a number of romantic destinations that can equal to places like Maldives and Bali.

For more information, you can also check out one of my experiences with my Mataking Island review in Sabah. 

Japan Promotion Matta Fair 2015
JNTO Promotion Booth at Matta Fair 
Asian Travel Packages in the international hall are not to be missed for those wanting to explore around the region.

Many large tour companies will be promoting destinations like Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, and Thailand.

To fully get the best deals, you really need to walk around and check out who is offering what. Also, there will be ground only packages which mean only the accommodations and airport transfers included where you need to buy your own flight tickets. 

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Mascot
Visit Malaysia Year 2014 mascot 
Tourism Board Promotions at MATTA Fair 2015 will also be something to look out as it is at these booths where you can get the latest information about each respective country.

Among the regular players here are Australia Tourism, Taiwan Tourism, Indonesia Tourism and one to especially look out for, the Japanese National Tourism Organization or JNTO booths.

However, you should be pleased to know that there are other international tourism boards from Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, Africa, Buthan and a number of other countries that will be there too. 

Matta Fair 2015 Flight Tickets
Matta Fair Air Ticket Booking Promotions 
Flight Ticket Promotions at MATTA Fair 2015 are also one to look out for as a majority of airlines will be participating here.

Local players like AirAsia, FireFly, and Malindo are popular booths to visit as, during the fairs, they will offer additional discounts for flight tickets purchased at the MATTA Fair.

I am unsure if Malaysia Airlines will be participating in the fair in 2015 but if they are, I will update the information as many already know that the airline is undergoing a restructure for the new branding of MAS NewCo

Matta Fair 2015 Packages
International travel packages
International Flight Tickets at MATTA Fair, huge players like Etihad, Emirates, and Qatar will have their presence seen by working with tour operators in offering discounted flight tickets to popular tourist destinations like London and around Europe.

However, you need to always double check on the transit point timing and also check about the fuel surcharge. 

Matta Fair Tourism Malaysia
Tourism Malaysia boots area at the fair
MATTA Fair March 2015
Date: 13-15 March (Friday - Sunday)
Venue: Putra World Trade Center (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur
Time: 10.00am to 9.00pm 
Entrance Fees: RM4.00 per person, per day

Matta Fair March 2015
Some of the international travel agents
Matta 2015 Promotions
Visitors checking out travel packages
Travel Promotions at Matta Fair
Travel deals and offers at the MATTA Fair
MattaFair March2015


Don't forget to check out the Matta Fair promotion packages and read about the common local terms used during the fair.

Again, some tips to remember before visiting the Matta Fair are important for everyone. Remember to go early to avoid the parking and traffic issues around the PWTC area.

If it allows, I would recommend you to take the Star LRT train here as it stops just opposite the PWTC and is only a 5-minute walk here.

If you are driving, come early to get parking and wear comfortable walking shoes. For those looking for some great travel deals and packages, make sure you block off the dates mentioned above for the March MATTA Fair. 

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