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Chiang Mai Night Market

Night Market in Chiang Mai
One of the must-do things when you are in Chiang Mai is to visit the amazing night market. Located in the heart of town, the night market or Chiang Mai night bazaar is one of the best night markets in Thailand filled with all sorts of everything for just about anyone.

Having visiting Chiang Mai for the first time in my life, I have heard about this bustling market from friends who have been here before and for me, it was something out of the ordinary compared to other markets I have been too.

Chiang Mai Night Market 

As I first step foot into the Chiang Mai night market located along Chan Klan Road, I was taken aback with the sheer size of the entire place which covers multiple blocks in the main city area.

Exploring the entire place for two evenings, I noticed that the prices here are relatively cheaper than in other parts of Thailand, especially Bangkok or Pattaya.

Over here, you can pick up everything from handicrafts, clothes, antiques to fake watches and an astonishing variety of colourful silk just to name a few. For art lovers, this is highly recommended too.

Chan Klan Road Night Bazaar
Night Bazaar along Chan Klan Road in Chiang Mai
One of the main reasons why the Chiang Mai Night Market is considered cheap is due to the close proximity to the source of products and also the lower cost of living here in Chiang Mai.

Not to confuse anyone reading this, but you should know that there are multiple markets, night bazaars and complexes around this entire area but overall, people just call it the night market. 

When you walk along Chan Klan Road, you will notice all the different bazaars with names like Vieng Ping Night Bazaar which comprises a two-storey mezzanine arcade where travelers or shoppers can find crafts, antiques and clothing.

Just across the road, you will see the Kalare Centre which is another covered night bazaar offering similar crafts, souvenirs, clothes and the occasional restaurant and bars.

Craft Items at Chiang Mai NighT Market
Visitors buying local Chiang Mai traditional craft
Walking along Chan Klan Road, the pavement bazaars offer all sorts of clothes and souvenirs too therefore it is highly recommended that you bargain on the prices.

One of the most popular huge market areas is the Anusarn Market which is towards the end of the main road.

It is here that you see the covered hanger style night market that sells all sorts of everything. There must be over 100 stalls here from my walk around this market. 

For food, the Anusarn night market offers a very large selection of eateries which include seafood restaurants, cafes and bars.

For the Muslim travelers, you should be pleased to know that there are quite a number of halal restaurants serving Indian, Arabic and Thai food.

Chiang Mai Anusarn Night Market
Anusarn Night Market in Chiang Mai
For those visiting Chiang Mai on the weekend, do check out the other two Walking Street markets which are the Sunday Market along Ratchadamonoen Road and the Saturday evening market along Wualai Street.

I would have put all the photos taken here but it would look too draggy therefore I uploaded them to my MalaysiaAsia Facebook Page so you can view more photos of the Chiang Mai Night Market.

Photo of Chiang Mai Night Market
Items sold at the night market here 
My inaugural trip to Chiang Mai was made possible with Business Events Thailand, an arm under the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (also known as TCEB) and is a public organization tasked with promoting and developing business events in Thailand.

We were exploring Bangkok and Chiang Mai for the MICE facilities under the Thailand Connect: HIP & Heritage Business Trip in August 2014.

There are many other tourist places around here to visit but hands down, I would happily recommend that general or business travelers visit is the night market in Chiang Mai when you are here. 

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