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Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok, Thailand

Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok Thailand

The news is out and the Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok, Thailand once completed in 2019 will be the tallest structure in Southeast Asia and ASEAN. This was recently announced during a ground breaking press conference held in Bangkok in October 2014. The 320,000-sqm Rama IX Super Tower will measure 125 storeys tall at a height of 615 meters high and feature 90,000 sqm of office space and a 260-room luxury six-star hotel. 

Over the years, Bangkok has been heavily developed with many new projects being undertaken and many which have recently opened too. This is also part of the city;s CBD development and the addition of the Rama IX Super Tower will most definitely be the talk of the world once it is completed in 2019.

ASEAN's tallest structure, Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok
ASEAN's tallest structure, Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok
Artist impression of the Super Tower in Bangkok
Artist impression of the Super Tower in Bangkok 
Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok city
Rama IX Super Tower in Bangkok city - Impression
As for tourism, the Rama IX Super Tower will have an observation tower deck and also a rooftop garden which provides a 360 degrees view of Bangkok city. Other important facilities include a direct MRT connection and a six-lane private road. 

Owned and developed by Grand Canal Land or G Land, the chairman Yothin Boondicharern said the tower will anchor the existing Grand Rama 9 complex which has mixed-use shopping, residential and office space serving over 300,000 people daily. Currently there is no indication to which hotel tenant is secured. 

Mt. Yotin also said G Land's major shareholders included his Charoenkrit Enterprise, which holds a 37-per-cent stake, the Channel 7 group that has 33 per cent, Bangkok Bank, which has 5 per cent, and Italian-Thai Development Group with a smaller stake. Four Thai banks will be the major lenders for the project, whose total construction cost will be 18 billion Baht.

tallest skyscrapers in Bangkok, Thailand
Details of all the tallest buildings in Bangkok, Thailand (click to view)
Mr. Banphot Hongthong, G Land's independent director and former permanent secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, said this project had been under way on and off for the past two years. The company finally decided to go ahead with it once it was convinced by the economic policy unveiled by the current government and given the geographic advantage of Thailand as a hub of Asean. G Land has hired a US firm, Skidmore, Owing & Merrill, as its design consultant, but all other design and construction work will be done and managed by Thai companies.

Once the Rama IX Super Tower is completed, it will dwarf the tallest building currently in Thailand, the Baiyok II tower, which tops out at 328.4 metres on its 85th floors and also the second-tallest structure, to be completed in 2016, which is the Mahanakhon condominium at 314 metres. Asean's current tallest building is the Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur at 375 metres. 

Bangkok Skyscrapers Thailand
Bangkok Skyscrapers
Rama IX Super Tower Project Details

- Developer - Grand Canal Land (G Land)

- Property type: Mixed-used project

- Construction area: 320,000 square metres

- Number of storeys: 125

- Building height: 615 metres (2017.7 feet)

- Architecture: Architects 49 Ltd

- Structural engineering: KCS & Associates Co Ltd

- Mechanical and electrical engineering: EC Engineering Network Co Ltd

- Design consultant: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

Rama IX Super Tower compared to other skyscrapers in the world
Rama IX Super Tower compared to other skyscrapers in the world - by Realist
Overall, the Rama IX Super Tower will be built according to platinum-level certification of the Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). In total, the project for this tower cost 18 Billion Baht, built on a 73 rai of land near the intersection of Ratchadapisek Road in Bangkok. 


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We are not higher building in ASEAN, The Signature Tower in Jakarta is high than Bangkok Super Tower. see the link here: http://www.skyscrapercenter.com/building/signature-tower-jakarta/12333

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