Miri Country Music Festival 2015 Performers

Miri Country Music Festival 2015 Performers Line Up

The 2nd Miri Country Music Festival 2015 performers list was recently announced where a fresh set of new performers take the line up from various countries around Asia and also the world. Back by popular demand is also Mel and Joe from Singapore who were a huge hit during the 1st country music festival held in 2014 while a surprise from the Czech Republic and USA awaits fans of country music here. 

As Miri is in the northern part of Sarawak in Borneo, it is well known as a resort city and is also home to two other notable music festivals which are the Borneo International Jazz Festival and the Asia Music Festival. The addition of this country music festival which takes place in February fills the gap in the early part of the year too. Just for the record, country music is very popular among the locals and expatriates here and in neighboring states. 

Malaysia has also been popular with a number of music festivals coming up since the last few years and if you want to check what is going on, here is also a list of Music Festivals in Sarawak for the music lovers. 

Announced in early October 2014, the official line up of bands for the Miri Country Music Festival 2015 or MCMF 2015 will be;

Country Sisters Band from Czech Republic
Country Sisters Band from Czech Republic 
Country Sisters - All the way from the Czech Republic, European Country Music makes its way here. The sisters have been in the show business nearly 40 years now, with their latest formation in 2012. The Country Sisters create a show that completely overmasters both the stage and the crowd. All six band members master at least two musical instruments and have performed over 2000 concerts all over the world, including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Austria, Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Canada and NOW in Miri, Sarawak! 
Kareem Salama from USA
Kareem Salama from USA
Kareem Salama - From the edge of the Green Country in Oklahoma, USA. He is known as the first American Muslim country music singer. His music is a hybrid of country, pop and rock music.  

Rani and Westom Band from Indonesia
Rani and Westom Band from Indonesia
Rani & Westom - Indonesia`s Spiced up Country Dangdut Band which was formed due to the same vision, a passion, a love of country music. When some other country musicians began to run away from the genre for the sake of getting a regular job at the cafe scene, they remained in the country genre and chose to perform only for big country music events with their unique style. 

Os Pombos Miri Country Music Festival
Os Pombos Band from Malaysia 
OS Pombos Band - The Pioneers of West Malaysian Country Music for the last 25 years, Os Pombos Band were the only C & W band to produce an album in 2000. 3 of the songs went to the top 10 of the Radio 4 charts in Malaysia. 

Mel and Joe from Singapore
Mel and Joe from Singapore 
Mel & Joe - Back by popular demand which is Singapore`s Most Popular Country Music Duo who has been playing country music for the last 42 years. Mel and Joe also received the Artistic Excellence Award from COMPASS (Composers & Authors Society of Singapore) in 2012. 

Hi-Breed Band from Kuching Sarawak
Hi-Breed Band from Kuching
Hi-Breed - From Cat City Kuching who has been playing for 28 years now. They are also self- taught musicians playing music as part-time playing covers of international country stars and groups like Alabama, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brooks and Dunn and Willie Nelson.

The Starlets Band from Miri
The Starlets Band - All girl country band from the home town of Miri, Sarawak. Originally, the band got together as a group with their first 6-song gig at the Piasau Boat Club in Miri, way back in April 2005. Three of them were sisters - Monalisa Ibrahim (vocal), Hawa Ibrahim (keyboard), Rahmah Ibrahim Norol (guitar) and niece Nono made number four.

MCMF 2015The line up for the MCMF 2015 promises an exciting show that will keep country music lovers on their toes throughout the night here in Miri. Judging from the 1st Country Music Festival in Miri, Sarawak in 2014, the turnout was beyond expectation and guests mostly came dressed in their country attire, some of them from head to toe too. Even kids were seen sporting cowboy hats during the event. 

Miri Country Music Festival 2015 Tickets
You can get your tickets from 
  • Planet Conventions and Events; Tel: +60 82 368109, Fax: +60 82 362108
  • Planet Borneo office and Utopia in Kuching (+6 085 414 300)
  • Planet Borneo office and Parkcity Everly Hotel Miri
  • Kota Kinabalu - Contact Asif (014 6922757)
  • Ticket Prices are RM80 for adults and RM40 for children
  • Call 082 368109 for more details 
The Artistic Director for MCMF2015 is Asif Pishori. You can also read more about the 1st Miri Country Music Festival and see various photos of it on the Malaysia Asia Facebook Page

While for additional information on tickets, venue and other stuff, you can visit the official Miri Country Music Festival Website. See you at the next Miri Country Music Festival 2015. 

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