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Koh Lipe Map

Map of Koh Lipe

These Koh Lipe maps are done for travellers who are heading here and have no clue to what the beautiful island in the south of Thailand has to offer.

Having been here twice many years ago before it got commercialized, I have been getting many emails and questions about this beautiful island and I am sharing a number of Koh Lipe Maps for you so that you can understand where and what is available on the island.

Koh Lipe Map

Koh Lipe is part of the Tarutao Marine Park and is only one hour from Langkawi via high sped ferry, there are only two main ways to go to Koh Lipe which is via Langkawi Island or Pak Barra Jetty in Trang, Thailand.

Alternate ways are from Koh Lanta up north. There are no airports or roads on the island so you can forget about any AirAsia flights to Koh Lipe or by any other airlines.

Koh Lipe Map showing everything on the island - Image from Serendipity Resort

The most popular part of the island is Pattaya Beach followed by Sunrise Beach as you can see in the maps. Almost all the resorts and hotels are located along the beachfront.

However, there are some newer ones located in the centre of the island. For honeymooners, you may want to check out some of the more established resorts like Castaway Resort, Sita Resort, Mali Resort, Mountain Resort and also Serendipity Resort. 

Koh Lipeh Map
Lipeh Map in English and Thai

For those planning to rent a car or bike, do not bother. There is none available here. The only way of transport is via walking around the island. Not to worry, it takes about 30 minutes to walk from one end to the other end of the island. Great way to work out if you ask me. 

Diving is also very popular here as they have quite a number of dive sites at Koh Lipe. Most of them require you to book a dive trip from one of the dive operators on the island.

There are three notable dive companies here which are Forra Dive, Sabaye Divers and Castaway Divers. Alternately, snorkelling is the next most popular sport here. 

For day trips, there are boat packages to Koh Adang and Koh Rawi Island for trekking, while one of the top attractions in Koh Lipe is the Black Rock Island.

All these trips or packages can be easily booked from any of the tour operators or even from your hotel reception. 

Koh Lipe Dive Snorkeling sites
Diving and Snorkeling Sites at Koh Lipe - Image from Serendipity Resort

You can also read my earlier articles on Koh Lipe to see how it was back then compared to now. Again, Lipe is one of the last beautiful natural islands in Thailand which is undergoing transformation on a slow scale.

The island was popularized by backpackers in the 80's till late 2000 and now a very popular beach destination in this region. The island offers a unique beach lifestyle, snorkelling, diving and simply beautiful breathtaking views. Some of them include the stunning sunrise at Ko Lipe

The most popular place on the island is the Koh Lipe Walking Street where everything comes to life here. Bars, restaurants, massages, cafes, pharmacies and even ATM machines are all available here. Life is simple yet interesting and as for food, there are all sorts including halal food for Muslims. 

Map of how to go to Koh Lipe
Map of how to go to Koh Lipe

Boat schedule routes to Koh Lipe
Boat schedules and routes to Koh Lipe - Image from KohlipeThailand.com

The most asked question is how to go to Koh Lipe as many are still unsure due to the island not having any airports. As mentioned, you need to take a ferry there and back.

The island is unlike Phuket or Koh Samui where it is over-commercialized so this is probably one of the last few islands to explore before the time comes when things start to change drastically.


I hope the Koh Lipe map offers you some ideas on what is available on this incredible island and again, you should not be expecting a very commercialize islands like Phuket or Koh Samui.

Lipe is truly one of the last remaining islands that has not succumbed to mass tourism though you do see a lot of travellers coming here. I would highly recommend you visit this place at least once.

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