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Bandung Photo of the week

Bandung Picture

My photo of the week is Bandung, showing two trishaw pullers taking a quick nap in the hot afternoon. This photo was also taken at the popular Pasar Baru in Bandung City. Bandung is one of the most popular places for shopping in Indonesia where many Malaysians make a pilgrimage there to buy clothes and souvenirs. 

While Bandung is famous for their factory outlets, there are literally many outlets to choose from here and you can also see my earlier article on 10 Factory Outlets in Bandung to visit. Endless shopping awaits the traveler while for food, there are mostly Indonesian local food but one must at least try the Sundanese food in Bandung as they are unique there. 

For staying there, there are multiple choices of accommodations to choose from and you can also check my previous Bandung factory outlets hotel list to get some information. Note some of the hotels are located at the shopping district while others may be further out. Apart from shopping in Bandung, there are also various sightseeing places to choose from, Most of these places require you to either rent a car or engage a 'supir' or private driver while there. 

There you go and it has been ages since I last visited this place and plan to make a trip here soon. I hope you enjoyed my Bandung photo of the week. You can also view my other travel photos from around Malaysia and Asia.

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