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Asia Music Festival 2014

The second Asia Music Festival 2014 promises the most electrifying eclectic mix of live music on stage comprising bands from the Asian region. This 2-day musical festival featuring artistes and musicians from Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and homeground Malaysia.

Held in the resort city of Miri in Sarawk Borneo, the AMF 2014 is set to bring the city to life with a mix of music genres that range from modern rock, roots, hip hop and pop. The straight forward objective is to attract the Asian expatriate community working in neighbouring Brunei, the local Bruneians themselves, our neighbours from Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia as well as those in Indonesia, Singapore and the surrounding region.

Asia Music Festival 2013 Tree Planting
Performers from last years Asia Music Festival 2013 at the tree planting 
Held at the Eastwood Golf and Country Club which is minutes from Miri city, the atmosphere is planned to be that of a carnival style with a showcase of a local Sarawakian bazaar selling ethnic craft and other souvenirs. Last years event saw a mini tattoo display, a photography exhibition and also a bikers gathering at the event with a decently large turnout for a first event here. 

Miri has been home to the world famous Borneo Jazz Festival and recently the unique Miri Country Music Festival and now the Asia Music Festival which adds a flavor of music to this part of Sarawak where each of the festivals are held months apart throughout the year here. 

AMF Boy Thai Band
Boy Thai Band performs at the inaugural AMF 2013
The line up for this year has been carefully selected to appease the many walks of life here where the musical culture is of a more commercialized style versus conventional. Well balanced, the performers come from various countries around the region which are;

AMF 2014 Performers 
  • Drumcall Community (Sarawak)
  • MAD August (Malaysia)
  • Masia One (Singapore)
  • Misaluvi and Motion Family (Miri, Sarawak)
  • Pancake 80 (Philippines)
  • Pisco (Taiwan)
  • Ras Muhamad (Indonesia)
  • Retrospect (Thailand)
  • SalamMusik (Malaysia)
  • Soul Mate (India)

Drumcall Community (Malaysia)
Started with less than 10 members, early June 2013. Up to 2014, the members have been increased up to 30 members. The Drumcall Community is a platform for the drummers to practice together through consistent drumshed. Today, the Community has been performing in few events in Kuching City and the Community is growing!

MAD August (Malaysia)
The band was formed in August 24th (2011) and the band’s name was derived from their critical decision in the month of August, whether to pursue their dreams in music scene or to stay ordinary as others. The concept behind the name “MAD” is actually an abbreviation of a philosophical slogan – “Make A Difference”.  It pledges that everyone can make a difference in life, even with a least of strength. The main principles of the band’s initial “MAD” includes creative, peace & environmental caring. The word “August” which in numeric 8 – refers to success, opportunity & strength.

Masia One (Singapore)
Born in Singapore, Maysian Lim or popularly known as Masia One became a fan of Hip Hop after stumbling upon a bootleg copy of Public Enemy’s “It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” at the age of 8. After moving to Vancouver Canada at the age of 9, Masia developed a keen interest in graffiti and break dance however It was not until she started studying architecture at The University of Toronto that she began writing rhymes and performing. There began her journey into the music world. Masia One also became the first female rapper to be nominated for "Best Rap Video" in the MuchMusic Video Awards.

Misa Luvi and Motion Family (Miri, Sarawak)
Brainchild of Michelle and Olivia, Misa Luvi are a dance group from Miri Sarawak, Misa Luvi have their own studio who perform and teach dance classes for Hip Hop, K-POP and dance choreography. They have performed at various events and also done various flash mobs around Sarawak.  

Pancake 80 (Philippines)
Pancake 80 is a band composed of five musically talented individuals who share the same interest and love for music of different genres. From reggae, rock, pop alternative and most especially new wave music of the 80’s to which they add their own flavor when covering songs. Very talented, proof of which are awards from competitions both locally and abroad using their own compositions as their contest pieces.

Pisco (Taiwan)
Pisco (P!SCO) from Taiwan plays modern rock and have performed around Asia. Members are CatLun on vocals, Rachel on guitars, Omoi on Bass, Ding Ding on Keyboards and Liang on Drums. 

Ras Muhamad (Indonesia)
Prolific recording and  performing artist, bi-lingual lyricist, published book author, radio host & producer. The self-proclaimed Reggae Ambassador of Indonesia, Ras Muhamad has relentlessly and ceaselessly spread the message of Reggae from the aspects of culture and history throughout Indonesia and to the likes of South East Asian regions.

Retrospect (Thailand)
In 2001 four kids, Big (guitar), Bomb (bass), Not (Guitar), and Nap (drums/vocal) teamed up a rock band played industrial metal rock music, a mix of Death metal and Thrash metal which is quite heavy, raw, and rough.  They started playing for small parties, later on had a new member to play drum (Birth) whilst Big went abroad to further his education, the Retrospect is still a 4-member rock band.

SalamMusik (Malaysia)
formed in 2010 by Ashraaf Salam A. Alam. He studied sound and music design at the Polytechnic of Mersing, Johor in 2006. During his studies, the music studio in the university was being constructed and to accomplish the tasks given, he built his own studio in his home which allowed him to experiment with different types of music. He graduated with distinction in 2008 and started producing his own music. Salammusik has also won Best Album at the Anugerah Industri Muzik ke-19 in 2012. 

Soul Mate (India)
Inspired by the roots and groove sounds of the Blues, Blues-Rock, Soul, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Funk and R&B, SOULMATE was formed in Shillong, in October 2002 when Rudy Wallang and Tipriti Kharbangar decided to form a band dedicated to playing the Blues and spreading awareness about this important genre of music.  Since then have played numerous gigs all over India and Abroad.

Tree Planting Ceremony at the Asia Music Festival

Following the tradition of the Rainforest World Music Festival and also the Borneo Jazz Festival, the AMF has also practiced a tree planting session before the festival which is done in the grounds of the Eastwood Golf and Country and Club , the official venue. 

Dato Rashid Khan, CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board officially plants a tree in the tree planting ceremony for the Asia Music Festival in 2013. Below, one of the performing bands contribute their part to mother nature. 

Asia Music Festival 2014 Tickets
  • Pre sale before 2nd Oct - RM25.00 per day (Adult) RM10 p/day (Child/Student Age 3-18)
  • Door sale 3 & 4 Oct - RM30.00 per day (Adult) RM15 p/day (Child/Student Age 3-18)
  • Doors Open: 5.00pm
  • Show Time: 7.30pm to 12.30am 
  • To Purchase AMF 2014 Tickets

Eastwood Golf and Country Club in Miri, Sarawak
Official venue - The Eastwood Golf and Country Club in Miri, Sarawak
Malaysia Asia and Malaysia Travel News
David and Janice from Malaysia Asia and Malaysia Travel News contributing our tree during the AMF 2013
The above photo shows the writer and photographer contributing back to mother earth during the inaugural Asia Music Festival here in Sarawak Borneo. The Asia Music Festival is organised by the Sarawak Tourism Board. For more information on this please visit the official Asia Music Festival 2014 website. 

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