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Friday, September 12, 2014

137 Pillars House Photo

137 Pillars House Photo

My photo of the week is of the 137 Pillars House which is a boutique hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This photo is taken at the main courtyard area where open aired functions and even private weddings take place. Recently in August 2014, I was visiting Chiang Mai for the first time on a familiarization trip under TCEB or Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau to explore the accommodations and facilities found around Chiang Mai. 

My Chiang Mai and Bangkok articles should be out soon but in the mean time, I could not get over the 137 Pillars House which is quite an amazing place to stay at. Just walking around the compound here impressed me so you can imagine staying here. For anyone visiting Chiang Mai, and you want something different, luxurious and stylish with a touch of old charm, I would easily recommend to stay at the 137 Pillars House. 

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