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OxyCheq BCD in Malaysia

OxyCheq BCD in Malaysia

The much talked about OxyCheq BCD in Malaysia is one of the desired dive equipment that many scuba divers are looking at nowadays.

This cool product was introduced to Malaysia in 2011, and still is currently one of the trendiest BCD the world has ever seen.

Why? Simply because the new OxyCheq style back plate system comes in a variety of colors and the convenience of traveling with it has made scuba diving so much easier.

Well, to be honest, scuba diving has become a little bit of a fashion statement too, therefore, the birth of fancy dive equipment like this.

OxyCheq BCD in Malaysia

Malaysia Oxycheq Shop
OxyCheq Backplate system
While there are some who will disagree about this, a majority seem to prefer using a backpack BCD style versus the conventional jacket types.

As I have been a scuba diver since 2007, and I started diving with the bulky conventional jacket system which was such a chore to travel around with it.

I used to have an additional dive bag back then but since changing to an OxyCheq, life has been so much more simple and easy for my diving around Malaysia and Asia.

Nowadays, my OxyCheq BCD fits into my standard luggage bag, together with my dive regulator, wetsuit and also dive fins. Did I mention my other general stuff? Yes, all of this in one luggage bag.

Orange Oxycheq BCD Green Oxycheq BCD
 Orange and Green OxyCheq BCD

Owning an OxyCheq BCD in Malaysia has also become a reality as nowadays the prices of the BCDs range anywhere from RM2200 to RM3000 and above. Well, not everyone would easily own this but it is not impossible.

A conventional jacket BCD can cost anywhere from RM800 to RM1600, therefore, a few hundred more for convenience is not hard to achieve. Plus, with credit card payments nowadays, you can also opt for split payments from your bank too. 

OxyCheq BCDs stand out in the crowd simply due to the vivid color range they offer. For those who prefer conventional, there is a standard black color.

And for those wanting to match fins, mask, and suit, there are bright colors like red, yellow, orange, blue, purple and pink. Underwater, this works excellent for spotting your buddies and identifying who is who.

For those who prefer a little military action, there is the Oxycheq Digital Camo (as in the photo below) which seems to be a hit with the female divers here.

I also understand that there is a company who sells digital camo dive suits, made to order too. 

OxyCheq in Malaysia
OxyCheq BCD in Green, Camo, Red, and Black 
As for sizes, they cater to all sizes, meaning if you are a petite sized diver, there is the OxyCheq #18 which is an 18 pound BCD perfect for small sized divers and also female divers.

These are also the travel-friendly BCDs. And for the common sized divers, there have the OxyCheq #30, a 30lbs backpack BCD system, the type that I use. The BCD's are also made for single tank usage and not double tanks.

For divers who have been considering to change your BCD system, there are many products and brands out there in the market therefore, I would advise you do your research before committing to any products.

As for me, I have been using OxyCheq since 2012 and my experience in this is that this has been the best product due to a number of factors.

Mainly because I can pack this in one luggage bag together with all my other stuff. Another plus point is that it dries up faster than the jacket types too.

Overall, the most important is the convenience of using it, simple and fast to gear up and my movement underwater has so much less drag and obstructions. 

Malaysia Oxycheq BCD
Me doing a jump into the waters at Mabul Island
Where to Buy OxyCheq in Malaysia?

You can contact Skoobaholik (www.skoobaholik-online.com/) as they carry this brand with them. They have a retail shop and also participate in various scuba diving expos in Malaysia.

They are the authorized dealer for Oxycheq products, and many other scuba diving gear and equipment. And they also specialize in underwater photography products too.

Final Thoughts on the OxyCheq BCD in Malaysia

Overall I have to say that this unique scuba diving BCD has changed many peoples perception about diving equipment.

Personally, I have been using a Green OxyCheq #30 BCD for my diving as it is very easy to spot me when I am underwater.

I have traveled to dive at many parts of Southeast Asia, and all the way to Komodo, Alor Island and Raja Ampat with it, and without any hassle. It has made my life so much easier.

I have found that this product has served me extremely well and till today, I still use it whenever I go diving. If you have any questions about the OxyCheq BCD in Malaysia, please feel free to ask me in the comment form below. 

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Mleong said...


Nice review. I myself was also a fan of the Oxycheq wings. I bought the very very first version of it back in the early year 2000. Mine was the 30lb single layer version. Have to order it directly from Oxycheq USA (ar that time it was much cheaper). I dive a few times with it and then stopped diving for about 13 years. Last year I went for a dive trip and was expecting to do a repair on the valves O ring. Amazingly the O ring still works fine with no leaks.

Recently just bought a 18lb set.