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Enrich Voyager Social Media Game

Enrich Social Media Game Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines Enrich launched its Enrich Voyager strategy game in late May 2014, which is an interactive game that enables players to travel around the world virtually from their desktop to redeem miles and earn tier status.

Built on the success of 2013's Enrich Round-The-World Challenge, Enrich Voyager lets players explore the world and stand a chance to be one of the main monthly winners where virtual travel miles accumulated on Enrich Voyager will also be converted to actual Enrich miles for redemption. 

Invited media, guests, winners and bloggers were treated to a breaking of fast (buka puasa) event  in July 2014 where staff and representatives of Enrich presented prizes to winners and also gave a talk about the next phase of the social media game here in KL.

Enrich Voyager Social Media Game

Khairul Nisa Ismail, Malaysia Airlines vice President Loyalty
Khairul Nisa speaking at the Enrich Buka Puasa event at Marmalade, Publika 
Khairul Nisa Ismail who is Malaysia Airlines' Vice President for Loyalty mentioned at a recent 'Buka Puasa' session conducted at The Marmalade Restaurant in Publika that social media is now the realm of frequent flyers and Enrich Voyager is one way for the brand to engage with consumers.

Malaysia Airlines’ Senior Vice President of Marketing & Products, Dean Dacko who was at the event also contributed that Enrich was indeed all out for engaging with consumers via social media channels and the Enrich Voyager was one way to do so.

Standing banners for the campaign
Both Khairul Nisa and Dean Dacko presented prize winners from Enrich Voyager Month One where the winners won actual Enrich miles based on the best virtual travelers.

In total, 300,000 actual Enrich miles were given out to the winners during the Buka Puasa event. Dean subtly mentioned that a redemption business class ticket to London would only cost 60,000 Enrich Miles, therefore, winners were in for a treat! 

Khairul Nisa also mentioned that it was highly important for Enrich to build rapport with members so that they would have more options to earn and redeem the miles and the Enrich Voyager was one of the main platforms in doing this. There would be more to come in the future too. 

Enrich Voyager Facebook Game Malaysia
Are you ready to play Enrich Voyager? 
The Enrich Voyager Game has also gained over 40,000 sessions played to date with close to 500,000 virtual flights done from new players right till seasoned Enrich Platinum members.

In June 2013, Enrich opened up the game for their global clientele and are also expecting a successful audience worldwide. The initial launch was only opened up to Malaysians. 

For now, the Enrich Voyager game can only be played via desktop through the Facebook application. As for me, I personally signed up to give this a go and technically, the timeline follows real-time flights.

This means one has to plan their routes carefully to maximize on earning the most miles. Interviewing one of the winners during the event, she mentioned that she actually set her alarm clock in the wee hours of the morning just so she can continue on her virtual destinations without losing any time in the game.

So if you are an aviation geek or a serious 'home flyer', the Enrich Voyager is perfect for you. 

Malaysia Airlines Enrich Cards
Enrich Miles Members Cards
For Enrich members, you can also earn frequent flyer miles when you fly Malaysia Airlines, OneWorld member airlines and Enrich partner airlines.

Not only that, you can earn Enrich Miles with your credit card spending, renting a car, shopping with Enrich partners too.


Generally, Enrich has a milestone target to cater to all walks of life by offering various options to earn and redeem frequent flyer miles.

If you want to experience traveling the world from the comfort of your home, you can now do so with this new game from Malaysia Airlines enrich Miles called the Enrich Voyager Social Media Game.

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