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Malaysia Travel Bloggers Community on Google Plus

Google Plus Malaysia Travel Bloggers

As there are a ton of travel bloggers out there in the world, there are equally quite a number of Malaysian Travel Bloggers based locally here in Malaysia and in many other countries.

While many are travel blogging for leisure, there have been limited platforms for them to showcase their experiences, articles, and photos.

Some of them have very good information in regard to traveling while a number of them have some great articles, tips or even photography.

*Update March 2019 - Google Plus is closing down in April of 2019, and removing all of the pages and content. Malaysia Asia would like to thank everyone who joined, and you can now join the Malaysia Asia Facebook Page for more travel and tourism.

Malaysia Travel Bloggers Community

I have taken to liberty of starting a community on Google Plus where Malaysian Travel Bloggers can join and showcase their work.

It is a simple just-join community and you can discuss, share, post your travel blogs, photos, videos or articles there. There is also a discussion section for anyone wanting to ask questions or anything related to the topic too. 

Travel Bloggers Malaysia Group
Malaysia Travel Bloggers Community on Google Plus

As I am currently the administrator there, I am also looking for a couple of other administrators to manage the travel blogger community there.

You can either message here on this post or on the Google Plus community page. Requirements are pretty simple - As long as you have a travel blog and are passionate about what you do. 

For spammers, please take note that all non-related postings like tour packages, selling of items and non-Malaysian travel bloggers will be removed or banned from the group. The objective of the community is to help other Malaysian Travel Bloggers promote and showcase their work. 

1. Have a Google Plus Account
2. Malaysian Travel Blogger
3. Based anywhere in the world
4. Have a travel blog
5. Photo, video or essay blogs

Each travel blogger can share travel blog postings, travel articles, travel photos and anything else that you do on your travel blog.

You can write about any country too. It is not only about Malaysia. If you have any further questions, please do ask here or in the community.

Update: The Malaysia Travel Bloggers Community on Google Plus is now closed. You can follow Travel Blog Malaysia.


This community is also a great platform to meet other travel bloggers in Malaysia and also to learn more about travel blogging.

For future plans, I hope to organize a gathering for the members in this community to network and meet up in person.

So if you are a Malaysian Travel Blogger, based in Malaysia or anywhere in the world, please do join the Malaysia Travel Bloggers Community on Google Plus.


Nic said...

Hey There

Just wanting to find out what's needed from me if I become an administrator?


Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Nic,

Thanks. Just an overall monitor of the community to make sure that there are no spam post or people selling stuff there.

On the perks, if there are any group travel or FAM trips and require travel bloggers, the group members will have first priority.

cindy said...

hey hey, i love to help out as administrator too..not sure if I qualified though and definitely love join this group!!!

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for the interest and I have contacted you via G+ too.

photographer malaysia said...

Malaysian Travel Blogger and nice blog friend !!