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Dive Rite BCD in Malaysia

Malaysia Dive Rite BCD

The Dive Rite BCD in Malaysia is one of the growing new trends in the diving industry here where many divers are looking at this BCD simply due to the price, design, simplicity, and quality offered.

Dive Rite BCD's are also value for money if you compare them to other designer dive brands in the market, or you are on a budget.

For the new scuba divers, these BCD's are worth looking into if you are planning to get your own BCD system.

Dive Rite BCD in Malaysia 

The benefits of this brand are that they sell the Dive Rite TravelPac BCD and also the Dive Rite VoyagerPac BCD system which is catered for those who travel to dive. 

Why you may be asking - simply because the BCD's can be folded and put into your medium or large luggage bags easily and yet have your other things in there.

This has made dive travel around Malaysia easy as you can fit in all of your dive gear into one bag. 

Where to buy Dive Rite BCD in Malaysia

Other brands similar to this include Oxycheq Malaysia, Frog and also Halcyon but most of them are in the premium market prices of RM2000 (estimate) and above for a set where else Dive Rite has some interesting entry-level BCD from as low as RM1666 per set on estimation.

Now that is entry level price for leisure and professional dive equipment which is from the USA. This product is highly recommended for new scuba divers in Malaysia too. 

With the current lifestyle trend of diving in Malaysia and around the world, many divers are keen to own their own equipment and this has made the diving equipment market more interesting with manufacturers coming out with new and interesting products.

Gone are the days of the 'Jacket BCD' which are simply too bulky and hard to carry around on your travels.

If you have been diving for a while, you would have seen many divers pulling their huge dive bags filled with their equipment where nowadays, all of your dive equipment can simply be put into one bag and checked in to a flight without having to pay that excess baggage. 

Trust me, I used to own a jacket BCD and that was a hassle traveling with it while these days, I travel light with my backplate BCD system. 

Dive Rite Sidemount Systems in Malaysia
Dive Rite Sidemount Systems
For technical divers in Malaysia, there are also the Dive Rite Sidemount System BCD where they have them for sidemount blue water diving systems.

These Sidemount BCDs in Malaysia are picking up as there seem to be a growing number of technical divers here.

Prices for the Dive Rite Sidemount BCDs in Malaysia also range around RM1500 to RM3000 depending on the type of system you choose.

Final Thoughts on the Dive Rite BCD in Malaysia

I believe that scuba diving in Malaysia has changed tremendously over the last few years with many new and interesting products introduced to the market.

There have been many scuba diving expo's that have been taking place here in Malaysia, and also around the region of Southeast Asia and Asia.

One of the new diving expos to look out for is DRT Malaysia and also MIDE, which takes place in Kuala Lumpur. These are the two largest dive shows in Malaysia where you can find products like this.

Diving has never been the same with all the new technology and gadgets available these days. For the new or existing divers, one of the new products to take note of is the range of the Dive Rite BCD in Malaysia. 

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