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MATTA Fair September 2014

The MATTA Fair September 2014 is again yet to promise travelers some exciting packages and deals this 5-7 September.

This time around, the focus has been spent on local tourism in Malaysia where a special hall dedicated to Domestic Tourism in Malaysia will be one of the highlights.

Another challenge set by the organizers would be to breach the 1000 booths mark as the last one almost hit the target.

This means, more exhibitors will be participating for the MATTA September 2014 as, during the last fair, the organizer had to turn down about 70 exhibitors due to the lack of space.

MATTA Fair September 

Tourism Malaysia was the biggest exhibitor during the MATTA Fair March 2014 where they had a total of 72 booths and for the September travel event, Tourism Malaysia is expected to take 100 or even more booths.

The year end travel fair is one of the popular ones where many will come and book their year-end travels, and MATTA Fair is hands down the largest travel fair in the country that caters to this. 

For those wanting to explore Malaysia further, Hall 4 will be totally dedicated to Malaysian products and called the 'Malaysian Hall'.

This is where you will find all kinds of tour packages around Malaysia being sold. This will be a great place for those looking for a cheaper alternative in local travel.

The Malaysian Hall also promises to have some new unique features and attractions there too.

Banner Matta Fair September 2014
Matta Fair September 2014 Poster
As for me, I participate at both events to find out more about the travel and tourism industry that is currently growing tremendously here in Malaysia.

With the arrival of many new budget airline carriers, people are spoiled for choices in destinations. Anyone can fly - so says AirAsia, but the fact remains that almost all Malaysians have booked a flight via the largest budget carrier in this region.

And because of AirAsia's cheap flights, industry players have resorted to selling all kinds of ground packages which does not include flights. 

However, for long haul travelers, especially those taking the 10-day and above packages, flights are still included in those kinds of packages.

Traveling long haul also has budget travelers where AirAsia X comes into play by servicing popular destinations around the world like Japan, Korea, and Australia.

For those flying budget, you will also see many travel agents selling 'Ground Only' packages to the countries that AirAsia X flies too.

Malaysia's MATTA Fair September
The crowd during the MATTA Fair at Hall 1
MATTA Fair September Halls

Hall 1 and 2 at the PWTC is always dedicated to the International Hall where you can find tourism boards and travel agencies selling all the international packages, flight tickets and also cruise packages.

Popular destinations are usually Europe, America, and Australia. Nearer countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Macau are also very popular here.

However, one of the up and coming products are the Halal Tourism Packages or Muslim Packages to these countries. 

Muslim Packages at Matta Fair is undoubtedly one of the biggest growing consumer travel products here too. They include halal packages to countries like China, Korea, and Japan to name a few.

However, one of the tactics used by some of the larger travel companies includes traveling with well known Malaysian artists or stars on their trips.

MATTA Fair September
A poster of the MATTA Fair September
Other niche products that can be found are to destinations like Africa, Bhutan and also high-end luxury packages for the well heeled.

Again, the MATTA Fair September promises a wide variety of travel packages to suit all walks of life.

While you spend days browsing the fair, you will most likely be enticed by the many promotions offered by the various tourism boards and agents here. 

Hall 3 is always where you can find the local and ASEAN countries participating. Booths include those from Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, and Indochina.

Some of the big industry players like Legoland and Singapore's Resort World are always seen as very impressed with the layouts there.

If you are looking to explore Malaysia or ASEAN, this would b the place to browse through. Check out some of the local state tourism boards like the Sabah Tourism Board's booth and also Sarawak Tourism Board's booths. They offer some unique experiences which are a short flight away.

MATTA Fair September 2014
The MATTA Fair in Kuala Lumpur
MATTA Fair September 2014 Information
Date: 5-7 September
Venue: PWTC, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 10am to 9pm 

MATTA Fair Instagram Contest

Also in the line up for this coming MATTA Fair September is a digital social media campaign for consumers with a possible MATTA Fair Instagram Contest where prizes are to be given on a daily basis at the fair itself.

There are also plans to have a dedicated counter for this campaign in the fair where consumers can get more information or even redeem their prizes there.

Right now, preparations are being made and we will have more information on this once it is officially announced.

Final Thoughts On MATTA Fair September

For the avid traveler, if you have been yearning for that nice year-end vacation, you should start saving and prepare to indulge in some of the exciting travel packages that can be found at the MATTA Fair September 2014.

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