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KLIA2 in Photos

Photos of KLIA2

If you did not already know, the KLIA2 airport has recently opened and all budget flights are going via the new budget terminal for Kuala Lumpur.

As this airport has been the talk of the year, and after many delays in opening, it finally opened its doors to the public on 2nd May 2014 and is servicing all the budget airlines in the region, namely AirAsia.

KLIA2 in Photos

As for me, I departed on a trip via LCCT and arrived back in KLIA2 so this was an opportunity that many may have not experienced.

The closure of the old budget terminal and arriving at a brand new one where it gave me a chance to explore the airport to see what was the hype all about. I admit I was utterly impressed by everything there.

As a Malaysian, it is easy to find fault with a lot of things, but as a seasoned traveler, I do not look for those, instead, I channel my observations to the facilities, structure, amenities and overall layout and design. 

Bridge at klia2
KLIA2 Bridge
The minute I got on to the tarmac of the airport, I could already see the overall structure which was very modern.

Stepping onto the much-debated aerobridge, I know that this was the budget terminal of the future and many awards are going to be won by the KLIA2.

Once inside, it brought me into a whole new world of shopping, as if I was in a metropolis of some sort. It felt like I was in another country. 

Passengers were seen hurriedly moving about while the staff was rushing to finish the shop restocking.

Security on Segways zoomed pass while airport staff with 'Ask Me' stood at all possible corners of the airport ready to assist anyone in need. Very very impressive.

There must be over hundreds of shops throughout the entire airport complex ranging from fast food, restaurants, consumer goods, and even a Toys-R-Us and grocery supermarket! 

Viewing area for klia2
Viewing area of KLIA2
The baggage areas were huge! When I say huge, it is on par with the international airport which is just next to KLIA2.

Brand new conveyor belts spun bags around the size of a badminton court while at least the luggage of four to five flights can be accommodated in one baggage carousel.

The international and domestic sections are divided by a glass partition where you can see one another. 

Leaving the arrival hall is smooth as there custom counters are wide enough for multiple trolleys to pass through.

Outside, I was greeted by a huge shopping mall complex. Standing there for the first time, I was in awe.

Shops to the left and right, thousands of travelers moving about in all directions, yes, this was like something out of a movie.

Personally, I spent a good three hours exploring the entire place checking out the shopping mall right to the outdoor viewing deck area. 

Below are various photos were taken by me during my time exploring KLIA2.

Aero Bridge for KLIA2
Aerobridges of KLIA2
boarding gate at klia2
Boarding Gates, a nice international touch
domestic arrivals klia2
Domestic arrival area
Domestic arrival shopping area of KLIA2
The shopping area at domestic arrivals
baggage reclaim area at klia2
Baggage reclaim area
New design trolleys for klia2
New design trolleys
International baggage claim area at klia2
The international baggage claim area
starbucks at domestic arrival in klia2
A security officer on a Segway passes one of the 3 Starbucks at klia2 
information counter at klia2
KLIA2 information counter
shopping mall at klia2
View of one section of the shopping mall here
Jaya grocer at klia2
Supermarket at KLIA2 
fast food shops at klia2
Variety of fast food available all over klia2 
shopping area at klia2
One of the shopping lanes in the complex area 
Toys-R-Us at KLIA2
departure hall at klia2
Departure hall, huge and spacious
taxi counters at klia2
Taxi counters on the lower ground section
klia express station at klia2
KLIA Express station in the middle of the shopping area 
general information of klia2
Some general info that may please you
plane viewing area at klia2
Outdoor viewing area, located on both ends of the departure halls, also a smoking area for klia2 
check in counters at klia2
The very impressive check-in counters on level 4. Note the LED colors change from time to time
parking rates at klia2
KLIA2 Parking Rates
car park at klia2
One of the many car parks at KLIA2
smoking area at klia2
On weekends, hoards of people come to the viewing-smoking area on level 4
photographs of klia2 airport
View of KLIA2 from the plane
For those going to the new KLIA2, be sure to follow the signs there as it being new, it can be a little confusing, but after a few times there, you will get the hang of it.

Not to worry, this airport is here to stay for a very long time. Oh, if you're a coffee lover, you are in for a surprise as there must be at least 6 types of coffee outlets there including 3 Starbucks outlets.

And if you are rushing home to cook dinner after a flight, there is a Jaya Grocer Supermarket as you exit the arrival hall so you can do your grocery shopping before heading home. 


Overall, when you are there, simply follow the signboards to where ever you are headed too. If you are lost or unsure, just ask the many information counters on all 4 levels.

In the klia2 shopping mall, there are almost all kinds of shops available if you need to buy something too. And for food, there is an abundance available. There is even a vegetarian cafe there too. 

If you are taking public transport, there are three main ways you can do so - klia2 taxis, public buses and KLIA Express train to Sentral Station in KL.

For those planning to take a taxi from the new LCCT, please do take some time to read my caution about taking a taxi from klia2

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CathJ said…
Thank you fr sharing David.. Oh my so many people will be late for flight due to the shopping malls haha..
Malaysia Asia said…
Cath, this means, passengers need to go at least 3-4 hours before flight! :)
Anonymous said…
There is a marked differences in the readiness of the klia2 vs the gateway mall. Yes, the mall side was impressively ready and equipped but not the airport which had vague signs, useless so called interactive directories which was unfriendly and not working.

Signages were inadequate, even the cabin crews are lost. Try Pier J or K and you will have nothing to eat nor drink, at least not at a decent price. I had to walk out and far to eat, took about 45mins total. Only possible with delayed flights!

Passengers should really be informed to EAT before checking in to the airport side. I think the mall side can't really advertise that though..:-P
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing!
Malaysia Asia said…
Thanks for the feedback. In other words, I think passengers (Malaysians especially) need to get rid of that last-minute attitude and go at least 2-3 hours before their flights. I know a lot of people like to go exactly one or two hours before flights, which resulted in missing flights and so on.

I hope this serves as a reminder to these kind of travelers. Please change your timing for airport flights.