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Borneo Jazz 2013 - A Photo Story

Borneo Jazz Festival Photo

While the Borneo Jazz Festival 2014 is taking place next week (9-10 May), much anticipation has been in the air about the performers this year. Last year showed the fans a fascinating time with a strong line up of musicians from around the world. So this year's line up has to top it and as I prepare to make my way to Miri for the BJF 2014, here is a compilation of what happened at the previous Borneo Jazz Festival 2013. 

Jazz is a genre that is loved by many people, but there is a very low understanding of jazz music in Malaysia, especially with the younger generation. While most people always assume jazz is about Kenny G, Harry Connick Jr or even Kitaro, you should know that jazz goes a long long way. If you would love to find out more about jazz music, the Borneo Jazz Festival is one even you should attend due to the workshops and forums hosted for the public.  

Note that all the photos were taken by me as I attended the festival in Miri and here they are;

Everly ParkCity Hotel Miri, Sarawak
This is the view of the outdoor area at the Everly ParkCity Hotel where the Borneo Jazz Festival is held
Sape Player Sarawak Photo
Kayan Sape Players perform during the opening dinner of the Borneo Jazz Festival
Sarawak Tourism Board's CEO Dato' Rashid Khan officiated the Borneo Jazz Festival
Hazmat Modine and other musicians during the press conference in Miri, Sarawak
The welcome dinner for the musicians and performers at the Everly ParkCity Hotel
Photos of Borneo Jazz Festival
The opening of the Borneo Jazz Festival 2013
Hazmat Modine Band at Borneo Jazz Festival
Hazmat Modine performs with an explosive combination of horns
Rachelle Garniez of Hazmat Modine
Rachelle Garniez of Hazmat Modine and her powerful vocals
Hazmat Modain Band Sarawak Borneo
Hazmat Modain Band delivers a powerful combination of jazz, funk and soul 
Pamela Fleming and Rachelle Garniez of Hazmat Modien

Sarawak West Jazz Band
West Jazz Band from Sarawak with their performance  
Borneo Jazz Festival Crowd Photos
The crowd at the Borneo Jazz Festival in Miri, Sarawak 
West Jazz Band Sarawak
The West Jazz Band from Sarawak gives an amazing performance
Guest having a wonderful time at the Borneo Jazz Festival, a balloon saxophonist  
the Nylons from Canada
One of the highlights of the Borneo Jazz 2013 were the Nylons from Canada 
the Nylons from Canada at Borneo Jazz
The Lion King done accapella by the Nylons 
Nylons from Canada
Nylons giving a show to remember
Photo of Borneo Jazz Festival
A fan records one of the performers during the show
Strongbow Beer Promoters, Pamela Fleming blows her horns 

Closing of Borneo Jazz 2013
The finale of the Borneo Jazz 2013, artist and performers bid the crowd farewell
If you are into jazz music, this is one jazz festival you should attend. I am not saying this but as a music lover and having attended multiple jazz festivals around Malaysia, personally I think the Borneo Jazz Festival has some pretty high standards in my opinion. 

Well, in other words, having the festival here in Miri is something unique as one can explore this once called 'Oil-City'. Lots of culture, food and heritage awaits those who love to explore while Miri remains one of the main gateways to the Mulu National Park, Niah National Park and also the highland villages of Bario and Bakelalan. 

This year, the Borneo Jazz Festival 2014 or BIJF 2014 is taking place from the 9-10th May at the Everly Parkcity Hotel. You can get more information about tickets and packages for the event from the Borneo Jazz Website. For those going, see you at the Borneo Jazz Festival. 


LadyBird Eileen said...

hope to see you again in BJF2014 :)

Unknown said...

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kenax said...

Just lovin' this island with its wild nature and extremely friendly people. Keep up the great work and hope the nature here remains preserved. There's supposed to be a music festival coming up near the end of this month north of KK - really looking forward to that. Beautiful Borneo