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Australia's Indian Ocean Islands Tourism Awards 2014 Winners

Australia's Indian Ocean Islands Tourism Awards 2014 Winners

Recently there was a tourism awards held for the Indian Ocean Islands where a join venture between Christmas Island and Cocos Keeling Islands participated in their prestigious tourism awards which was the first time ever too. The awards were jointly developed and managed by the Christmas Island Tourism Association Inc and the Cocos Keeling Islands Tourism Association Inc in coming out with seven categories related to the tourism and travel industry. 

Australia's Indian Ocean Islands Tourism Awards was open to all in the tourism industry in our region and the awards demonstrate the value of tourism to both islands. The award winners were also celebrated at the inaugural biennial Gala Presentation, which was held on Christmas Island on 2 May 2014. For the inaugural awards, only 5 out of 7 categories saw entries being submitted. However, for the next awards, they organisation hopes to see a full participation in all the categories. 

The judges panel consisted of industry peers appointed by both tourism associations where the judging panel was comprised of a cross section of tourism industry experts and community citizens who were committed to the awards process. 

Winners from left to right: Lisa Preston, Fiona Gooley, Ray and Sue Marshall (represented by Jules Bush), Dieter Gerhard, Jo Clifford and Paul Fitzpatrick who is Acting Administrator for Australia's Indian Ocean Islands
Australia's Indian Ocean Islands Tourism Awards 2014 Winners

Category 1 - Tour Operator and Attractions

Winner: Cocos Dive
Received by Dieter Gerhard

Category 2 - Food and Hospitality

Winner: Dory's of Cocos
Received by Jo Clifford

Category 3 - Accommodation - Less than 5 rooms

Winner: Cocos Seaview 
Received by Jules Bush on behalf of Ray and Sue Marshall

Category 4 - Accommodation - 5 rooms or more

Winner: No Winner

Category 5 - Service Excellence Award

Winner: Island Pharmacy and News
Received by Fiona Gooley

Category 6 - Tourism Achiever Award - Open

Winner: Lisa Preston 

Category 7 - Tourism Achiever Award - Youth 

Winner: No Winner

The next Australia's Indian Ocean Islands Tourism Awards will be held in 2016 therefore you can start making plans to submit for the category you like if you have visited any of the islands here. We from Malaysia also hope to see more participation and also more visitors to visit both islands. 

Another wishlist for both tourism organizations is to include a social media section in the awards as the rise in using social media to convey tourism information and also photos are huge in today's travel lifestyle. This category would definitely boost the branding for both Christmas Island and also Coocos and Keeling Islands  if executed carefully too. For more information, you can visit the official Christmas Island Website

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