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Events in Malaysia for May

Events in Malaysia for May 2014
For events in Malaysia for the month of May, there are quite a number of unique festivals and events take place around Malaysia and among them are some beautiful and colorful events that are happening over in Sabah and Sarawak Borneo Malaysia.

Local and international visitors can look forward to having a memorable time in Malaysia as the month will be celebrated with various cultural, sports and musical tourism events. 

Events in Malaysia for May

For those planning trips to Malaysia, please take note of the event dates, logistics, transfers and accommodations. Below are some of the highlights for Events in Malaysia for May:

Sarawak World Harvest Festival 2014

Sarawak World Harvest Festival

This is one of the main highlights of the Gawai Dayak celebrations, the Sarawak World Harvest Festival 2014 is an ethnic festival which provides a captivating insight into the cultures, traditions and aspirations of Sarawak’s Dayak community. Highlights of the event include theme play, “Miss World Harvest Festival 2014”, “Ironman WHF 2014”, Dayak Food Festival and concert by international artistes.

Organiser:           Sarawak Cultural Village
Date:                   Usually in the month on May
Venue:                 Sarawak Cultural Village, Sarawak
Contact:              +6 082 846 411
Website:              www.scv.com.my

Sabah Fest

Explores the romance and nostalgia of Borneo through the biggest and grandest cultural celebration in Sabah.

Handicraft-making demonstrations by local experts, pocket shows of traditional music and dance performances, as well as various traditional foods to sample are all part of this much anticipated three-day cultural extravaganza.

Sabah Fest 2014, a celebration of Sabah’s Natural Charms. The Sabah Fest Show is also one not to miss while you are here.

Organiser:           Sabah Tourism Board and Sri Pelancongan Sabah
Date:                   Month of May
Venue:                 Auditorium, Department of Culture and Arts Sabah (JKKNS), Sabah
Contact:              +6 088 212 121/ +6 088 232 121
Email:                 shahira@sabahtourism.com
Website:              www.sabahfest.com

Borneo Jazz Festival 2014

Borneo Jazz

In conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and Visit Sarawak Year 2014, the Borneo Jazz Festival 2014 in Miri is organised to give all Jazz lovers a fun-filled and entertaining experience.

This years line-up includes Iriao from Georgia, Vocal Sampling from Cuba, Brassballett from Germany, Mario Canonge from Martinique/France, YK Band from Indonesia, Anthony Strong from UK, and Sarawakian artiste Diana Liu who will represent Malaysia/USA/Taiwan, together with her band members including drum virtuoso Lewis Pragasam.

Organiser:           Sarawak Tourism Board
Date:                   Month of May
Venue:                 Parkcity Everly Hotel, Miri, Sarawak
Contact:              +6 082 423 600
Website:              www.jazzborneo.com

Pesta Benak 2014

Tidal Bore (Pesta Benak) Festival

Surfing in Borneo? Hitch a ride with the longboats and watch how the surfers, jet skiers or boatmen braving the Batang Lupar’s Benak waves – the 4th largest in the world among the Top Ten Tidal Bores.

Also known as the “town of peace”, Batang Lupar Sri Aman in Sarawak is one of the four places in Asia that experience the unique tidal bore phenomenon.

Highlights of the event include the Regatta Batang Lupar (longboat paddling competition), Benak surfing, speed boat competition, jet-ski competition and Miss Tourism Benak.

Organiser:           Pejabat Residen Bahagian Sri Aman
Date:                   Mid May
Venue:                 Batang Sri Lupar, Sri Aman, Sarawak.
Contact:               http://www.sriamanro.sarawak.gov.my/

Colours of 1Malaysia 2014 Festival

Colours of Malaysia Festival

Malaysia’s premier cultural show – the Colours of 1Malaysia 2014 is back to dazzle locals and tourist with its colourful sights and sounds. Delight your senses with a cornucopia of traditional performances, colourful parades and exhibitions by various ethnic groups in the country.

The streets will be filled with an array of stalls selling local delicacies, arts and handicraft, as well as holiday packages introducing the wonders of Malaysia. Have fun, be part of the flash mob and go jamming with fusion rock and traditional music by Man Kidal’s team.

Organiser:           Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia
Date:                   Month of May
Venue:                 Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Contact:              +6 03 2693 7111
Website:              www.vmy2014.com

Kelantan International Kite Festival 2014

Kelantan International Kite Festival 

Colourful kites of all sizes and shapes including the famous traditional Kelantanese ‘wau’ will dominate the sky for the 32nd Kelantan International Kite Festival 2014.

This annual 4-day festival draws local and international kite fliers from as far as Belgium, China, Germany and Japan. Check out the highlights of the event such as beach soccer competition, kite-making contest, “dikir barat” competition and silat demonstration. Be “wau”ed and more.

Organiser:           Kelantan Tourism Information Center (TIC)
Date:                   End of May
Venue:                 Pantai Geting beach, Tumpat, Kelantan
Contact:              www.tic.kelantan.gov.my

Tadau Kaamatan Harvest Festival

The ‘Tadau’ (festival) ‘Kaamatan’ (after harvest) in Sabah marks the end of the harvesting season and the beginning of a new season for the Kadazan-Dusun community.

Don’t miss the Unduk Ngadau (State Harvest Beauty Queen) and Sungdoi (Kadazan Idol), which are the main highlights of the festival. Be enthralled by the cultural performances, traditional games and delicious delicacies served by the local folks.

Organiser:           Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA)
Date:                   End of May
Venue:                Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA), Penampang, Sabah
Contact:              Dr. Benedict Topin, +6 088 713 696


There are many other smaller scale events which are also happening throughout Malaysia, and for first timers visiting here, you may want to read on Why Visit Malaysia which is an article written by David from Malaysia Asia. 

The weather is May is generally hot, humid and with some rain. It normally rains after lunch or in the evenings but you should  check with your weather forecast on the actual days or weeks.

Temperature is around 30-34 Degrees Celsius while it is always recommended to carry a bottle of water, dress lightly and always have a good pair of walking shows. Hope you visit and have a great time at some of the Events in Malaysia for May.

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