Chubu Centrair Airport Review in Nagoya

Nagoya Chubu Centrair Airport

If you did not know, the Chubu Centrair Airport in Nagoya is built on an artificial island about 35 kilometres from Nagoya city.

Opened in 2005, Centrair is classified as a first-class airport and is the leading international gateway for the Chubu region of Japan.

"Centrair" is an abbreviation of Central Japan International Airport, an alternate translation used in the English name of the airport's operating company.

This is Japan's third off-shore airport, after Nagasaki Airport and Kansai International Airport, and the second airport built in Japan on a man-made island.

*Update - AirAsiaX no longer flies to Chubu Centrair Airport in Nagoya, but Batik Air Malaysia has commenced its inaugural flight to Nagoya on the 20th of March, 2023.

Chubu Centrair Airport

Malaysia Asia had the pleasure of visiting this exciting airport during a trip to Nagoya in January 2014, and below is general information that first-time travellers here may find interesting.

The airport is also the gateway to famous places around Nagoya, like the Shirakawa-Go Village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Note that at the end of this article, a special section caters to Muslim travellers to Japan.

Nagoya Airport Information Counter
Centrair Airport Information Counter.

When you arrive at the Chubu airport and need information, simply head to the main information counter at the airport entrance, where a pleasant Japanese lady will serve you in English. There is only one main information counter here; therefore, it is hard to miss too.

Inside the Chubu Airport

The northern side of the terminal is for domestic flights. In contrast, the southern side holds international flights with dedicated ticket counters, security checkpoints, baggage carousels, international flights, and immigration and customs facilities.

Arrivals are processed on the second floor, and departures are on the third floor of the airport.

Nagoya Airport Departure Hall
Chubu Airport Departure Hall.

The lower level is used for maintenance, catering, other ground operations, and passenger buses to hardstands in the middle of the airport ramp.

A second terminal for low-cost airlines will be opened by the summer of 2014, and the new terminal will allow arriving domestic passengers to transfer directly to international flights.

Centrair Airport Departure Area
Nagoya Airport Departure Hall.

Shopping at Chubu Centrair Airport

One of the unique features here is the 4th Floor Sky Town Shopping Center, where 61 shops and restaurants are organized into two streets called Renga-dori and Chochin-yokocho.

The Chochin-yokocho shops are individually themed to blend in the traditional culture with an authentic Japanese look.

This works excellently with tourists as usually, at regular airports, shops are generally bland or simply ordinary.

At least here at the airport, you have that Japanese look and feel. Below are random photos taken around the Centrair Airport during our visit there in January 2014.

Hello Kitty Store at Chubu Airport, Nagoya
Hello, Kitty Store at Chubu Airport, Nagoya.

Souvenir and snack shops are very popular among local travellers.

Some of the local snack shops sell all sorts of Japanese goodies.

For the tourist, the Shoryudo Tourist Information is a great place to get information.

For the tourist, there is also the Shoryudo Tourist Information Center located as you exit the arrival hall on the left. You can get all the info about Nagoya in English, Chinese and Japanese.

A duty-free area in the international departure hall on the 3rd floor. The stores here include boutiques with famous global brands, cosmetics and fashion stores, and speciality stores with liquor and cigarettes. Spend an enjoyable time shopping until your departure.

Restaurants and Cafes at Centrair Airport

Several local and international restaurants and cafes are located in the airport area, and some offer free WiFi service.

There is always a Starbucks available for coffee lovers, while for those wanting a first or last taste of Japanese cuisine, there are quite a number of these cafes and restaurants here.

Below are random photos of the restaurants and cafes at the Centrair Airport in Nagoya.

Starbucks at Nagoya Airport
For coffee lovers, Starbucks is available too.

More Japanese restaurants and shops.

Wifi at Centrair Airport  Nagoya
WiFi area for those who require to be connected.

 A typical Japanese restaurant selling popular ramen and rice dishes. These are the budget types.

Some of the fast-food joints serve western food.

Access Plaza Information Counter

The Access Plaza facility serves as the main link for trains, buses, taxis, cars, and high-speed boats, and it also provides transportation and tourist information.

The Information Counter located in the centre of the Access Plaza provides all the general, tourist, and bus/taxi information. Rental cars are available at the adjacent counter.

The Access Plaza Information Counter also offers wheelchairs, baby strollers for use at the airport, a changing room, and other services. This would be the main place for those wanting to get into Nagoya city from the airport.

Trains to Nagoya from Centrair Airport.

Centrair Airport Map.

Trains to Nagoya 

The train station for Centrair is the Meitetsu Airport Line, operated by Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu). The fastest train service is the "μSky Limited Express" (μ pronounced myuu) which connects the airport to Meitetsu-Nagoya Station in just 28 minutes.

These trains run twice per hour too. Of course, many other train services head to Nagoya Downtown area and other districts.

A comprehensive map is located at the ticket station; however, most ticket machines are in dual English or Japanese language.

Meitetsu Limited Express and μSKY trains Nagoya
Meitetsu Limited Express and SKY trains at Centrair Airport.

Train Information and ticket counter Centrair Airport Nagoya
Train information and ticket counter at Nagoya Airport.

Nagoya Train Map
Nagoya Train and Subway Map.
Bus to Nagoya 

Centrair Limousine provides direct bus service to and from central Nagoya, Sakae, and major hotels (with stops at Fushimi‐Cho, Hilton Nagoya, Nagoya Kanko Hotel, Sakae, and Nagoya Tokyu Hotel).

Travelling time is around 1 hour, and the fare is 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children. This is another way to see the outskirts of Nagoya and also for those who dislike travelling on trains.

Direct bus to Nagoya Downtown from Centrair Airport.
Ferry to mainland 

Three high-speed ferry services link Centrair to the west side of Ise Bay. One ferry connects to the passenger terminal in Tsu, a 40-minute trip.

Another ferry links Matsusaka to Tokoname, taking 45 minutes. Check with the Access Information Counter if you require this service.

Alice Dining on the roof of the Chubu Centrair Airport in Nagoya.

For those who arrive early or transiting here, you can go to the airport's roof and watch the planes take off.

There is also the Alice Diner (Western Japanese Restaurant) up here, where you can grab some food and drinks. Great place to unwind and catch the sunrise or sunset.

Centrair Hotel at the Chubu Airport
Centrair Hotel at the Chubu Airport.

Centrair Hotel at the Chubu Airport

If you are on a long connecting flight, there is also the 4-Star Centrair Hotel in the airport which is usually filled with business travellers.

The location of this hotel is also very close to the check-in counters and ticket gates, making this one of the most convenient airport hotels.

Unlike other airport hotels, it is also located inside the airport, where you need not worry about walking outdoors.

The amenities are of high quality. Beds are very comfortable with bathrobes provided, and for the online addict or business traveller, free Internet is available via cable or Ethernet.

It is not if you are looking for a luxury hotel, as it caters to those needing rest before flying or in transit.

Chubu Centrair Airport in Nagoya Japan
Chubu Centrair Airport in Nagoya.

Muslim Travelers to Nagoya

The good news was announced on the 4th of March, 2014, as Chubu Airport will open prayer rooms and offer halal food for Muslim travellers to coincide with the start of a new route to Malaysia, Central Japan International Airport Co.

Some restaurants in the Chubu Airport terminal building will feature menus with items that do not contain pork and alcohol.

According to officials, the airport will open a prayer room on the second floor of the terminal building on the 17th of March, the first day of the new route to Malaysia. The carpeted 20-square-meter space will have an arrow on the ceiling pointing toward Mecca.

In April, a similar facility will be set up in the international departure area on the third floor. Narita, Kansai, New Chitose and other airports in Japan have similar prayer spaces for Muslims.

Update - AirAsia X no longer flies to Nagoya.

Conclusion to Chubu Centrair Airport Review in Nagoya 

If you require more detailed information about Nagoya in the Aichi Prefecture, visit the JNTO Website, which is significantly updated.

For your added information, Malaysia Airlines ceased its Nagoya-Kuala Lumpur flights in 2008, and AirAsia X began flying to Nagoya on the 17th of March, 2014, which makes this the third major city that the airline flew to in Japan which landed at the Chubu Centrair Airport in Nagoya.

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