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Nankai Airport Express Train to Osaka

Osaka Nankai Airport Line Train

Did you know that using the Nankai Airport Express train to Osaka is the easiest and fastest way to travel into the city from the airport?

This express train service offers travelers comfort and ease as it only takes 35 minutes to get to the city or airport.

The futuristic looking Nankai 50000 series is operated by the Nankai Electric Railway which started operation on 4th September 1994, and is possible the easiest way to get into Osaka city.

Nankai Airport Express Train to Osaka

Inside the Nankai train, all seats come in standard and super-seat cars which are reserved and non-smoking.

Cars 3 and 5 feature a service counter and vending machines while the toilets inside are modern, luxurious, spacious and extremely clean.

The modern design of the train is the work of Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, a Japnese architect who was also responsible for designing Uji Station on the Keihan Uji Line. 

Nankai Airport Line Train
Nankai Airport Express Train to Osaka
The design theme of the train is called "Outdated Future", and is the reason for the train's futuristic and retro styling.

The end cars feature streamlined cabs with no gangway connections while the cars are painted an overall metallic deep blue colour which is eye-catching and easy to identify for passengers.

The side windows of the train are elliptical in shape and this gives it an aircraft-like appearance, that looks straight out of a futuristic movie. 

There are two types of Nankai Airport Trains where one is the Rapid Airport Express (Rapi:t) and the other is just the common airport express.

The difference is that the Rapi:t takes only 35 minutes and cost 200 Yen more than the general train which takes 45 minutes and costs 890 Yen. Rapi:t also has allocated seating while the other is free seating.

Photos of the Nankai Airport Express Train

Photo of Nankai Airport Express
A Nankai stewardess awaits passengers to board the airport express
Nankai Airport Line Train interior
Interior of the Nankai Airport Line Train
Picture of Nankai Airport Line Train
One of the coaches of the Nankai Airport Line Train

Interior of Nankai Airport Line Train
Interior of one of the coaches
Seating of Nankai Airport Line Train
Comfortable seats in the airport express
Osaka is one of the popular places where many people love to visit when they travel to Japan and is also one of the gateways to Kyoto where I took a common train which took me an hour to get to.

Kyoto is also a must visit place in Japan and when you visit Osaka, this is easily achieved. For food lovers, you will find this place a mecca for Japanese food and for those who love shopping, this is definitely your place.

Before coming here, I was in Tokyo exploring Harajuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya not forgetting shopping in Akihabara and visiting Tokyo Disneyland.

After spending four days there, my transport to Osaka was a dream come true for me as I took the world famous Japanese Bullet Train or Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka.

Nankai Airport Express Train Schedule
Schedule Nankai Airport Express Train
Nankai Airport Express Train to Osaka Timetable
An experience I will do over and over. On my trip here, I visited Osaka with AirAsia X as the airline flies directly into Kansai Airport and I took the Nankai Airport Line Train back to the airport when I left Osaka.

For those planning to visit this place, do read my article about What to do in Osaka as it is a general list of things to do for a short visit here.


If you are a Japanese and train lover, this is the perfect combination for you. To me, I personally have a liking to all kinds of modern trains and this one really made an impression to me.

I was very impressed with the overall service from the start to the end. Therefore I highly recommend when you visit this Japanese city, you should try the Nankai Airport Express Train to Osaka as it will save you a lot of time. 

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