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AirAsia Travel Fair 2014

Travel Fair AirAsia

The inaugural AirAsia Travel Fair 2014 takes place from the 28th February till 2nd March and also for the first time at the Paradigm Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Doing things differently from the usual competitors, the AirAsia Group was the talk of town when they announced this first travel fair solely on their own and inside a shopping mall out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

AirAsia Travel Fair

On the first day of the travel fair, by 9.30am, there was already a strong crowd of people waiting for the ticket sales to start as the promotion was 20% off all AirAsia flight tickets that were purchased here at the AirAsia Travel Fair.

By noon, the crowd had swelled to over a thousand people in the outdoor area of the the Paradigm Mall.

Smaller booths occupied by selected travel agents were seen getting busy with long lines forming at the individual booths. All of this in a matter of two hours.

AirAsia Travel Fair 2014 Tony Fernandes
Tony Fernandes officially launches the AirAsia Travel Fair 2014
The travel event started with an official press conference at about 11am where AirAsia big boss Tan Sri Tony Fernandes gave his speech and before saying anything, he clearly informed the media that we will not be discussing the KLIA2 issue.

Instead he talked about how his team had done an amazing job and he only got to know about the event a few days before the main show today.

Surprising the audience and media here, Tony Fernandes highlighted the latest AirAsia destination to Boracay in the Philippines when he suddenly mentioned 'The first person who brings something red up to me on stage will walk away with a free ticket to Boracay'.

Immediately a young lady sporting a red t-shirt made her way to the stage and not only did Tony give her the free tickets, he openly told everyone that she and three of her friends will get free tickets to Boracay on AirAsia. 

AirAsia Travel Fair 2014 Paradigm Mall
The crowd during 12noon on day 1 at the AirAsia Travel Fair 2014
With the speech done, Tony then mentioned that he spoke out of his mind and never once looked at the pre written script that was prepared for him.

Another speech by Paradigm Mall's owner discussing the collaboration between the to companies was a positive one with a win-win solution and soon after, it lead into the official launching of the AirAsia Travel Fair 2014 onstage.

Questions asked from the media were 'How much does AirAsia plan on raising at this travel fair' and Tony replied - RM10 Million.

Other non-related questions were asked along the way and after the question and answer session, the AirAsia boss and others proceeded with a walk around the fair in the mall. 

AATF AirAsia Travel Fair 2014
Visitors lining up to purchase the 20% discount on all tickets
AirAsia Go and the AirAsia Ticket Counter
AATF 2014
The line that snakes around the open area for the promotion tickets
Confidence Travel Malaysia
Tours on sale from one of the vendors here. Some interesting prices too.
This travel fair is again, the first time being done solo without any other competition and the way it was done was created for the consumer where they can have a mix of lifestyle, holiday and travel.

A clever tactic by the group of having it in a mall and the ticket promotion of 20%discount for all seats and all flights is valid from 1st March till 30th September 2014. 

Other in-house promotions include AirAsia X's Buy One-Way and Get Your Return Flight Free for Hangzhou, Chengdu, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide where the travel period is from March till May 2014.

On the neighboring flights, there is a Zero (0) Fare to Singapore while it costs from RM32 one way to major cities around Malaysia and also Thailand.

All Indonesian cities are priced from RM47 one way while Indochina's promotional ticket prices are from RM108.

Ticket prices to India are from RM130 one way while most destinations in China are going from RM142 one way.

Korea, Japan and Nepal are offering flight tickets from RM238 one way and cities in Australia are going from RM117 one way. Note that all prices does not include taxes and fuel surcharges.

Golden Destinations Malaysia
Another vendor with some attractive prices for their tour packages
AirAsia BIG Loyalty Program

The AirAsia BIG Loyalty Program is also offering 100 BIG Points with every AirAsia flight purchased during the travel fair.

A special 'Hot Hour' is also ongoing where you can spin the wheel and win random prizes. Seat and baggage upgrades and Quiet Zone promotions are also on sale and the famous AirAsia meals are also on promotion when you book them online.

Finally there is a Grand Lucky Draw for those who spend RM200 on a single purchase at any store in Paradigm Mall or flight bookings and also to collect all 16 stamps from the participating partners and tourism boards at the fair. 

AirAsia Travel Fair Happy Hour Promotion
AirAsia Happy Hour Promotion at the fair
A Free Flight Promotion is also ongoing for every 50th flight purchased during the fair where consumers stand a chance to win a free flight to any AirAsia destination. One needs to register at the LG AirAsia counter to be eligible for this. 

AirAsia Travel Fair 2014 information
Location: Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya
Duration: 28th Feb - 2nd March 2014
Time: 10.00am to 10.00pm

A free shuttle service is available from the Kelana Jaya LRT station to Paradigm Mall and back which departs every 15 minutes.

There are also many games and performances that will be done throughout the three days here from 28th February till 2nd March at the AirAsia Travel Fair in Paradigm Mall.

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