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Maldives Travel Contest Winner October 2013

Maldives Travel Contest Winner for October 2013
Thank you all for participating in AirAsia X, Skyzone Travel and Malaysia Asia's Maldives Travel Contest for October 2013. Overall, we received a total of 383 entries over a span of two weeks.

Entries were open worldwide however the winner will have to board the flight from LCCT in Sepang to the Maldives.

After going through all the interesting entries manually, the sponsors have finally selected a winner who submitted the most creative reason to go to the Maldives. 

The Maldives Travel Contest Winner is; 

Ginny Yap

Her Entry:

Holiday, holiday,
Oh how I am in need of thee.
Sun, sand, wind and crystalline seas,
What a farfetched illusion Maldives is to me.

With its vibrant sea life and luxurious decadence,
Maldives is perfect for the Pescetarian me.
Yummy fresh seafood next to the shimmering sea,
Spicy with hints of coconut aromatics,
Such delicious flavours of the great blue exotic Maldivian seas.

So give me this chance as my graduation trip,
Let me fly in 2014 on the month of February,
My birthday and Valentines,
So perfect is the timing of Air Asia X's dream team.
For even at prices as low as MYR399 on economy,
This sum is still too large for poor only graduating student, me.

With Skyzone Tours and Travel I leave my plea,
Since 1991 you make traveling a much fulfilled reverie,
So give me a holiday worth remembering till,
Memorable, just as you said your goals is to be.

And thank you Malaysia Asia Traveling Blog,
Without you this chance would not even have came along,
So here I end my verse with this,
Give this Aquarian and Pieces cusp,
Her chance to return to the turquois waters,
Of the Indian Ocean and her dreams.

Facebook Name: Ginny Yap
Once again, Congratulations to Ginny Yap as she wins this amazing prize of a lifetime! 

The prize is: 
  • Two (2) Return Flight Tickets to Male, Maldives on AirAsia X (Departure and Arrival at LCCT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • A 4 Day / 3 Night Full Board Resort Stay at Fun Island Resort, Maldives for 2 Persons from Skyzone Tours and Travel Sdn. Bhd. (This includes all meals and return transfers)
Maldives, a destination that many Malaysian want to visit
Entries were easy where anyone can simply state in the most creative way why you want to visit the Maldives and sign off with your Facebook Name. It was that simple.

For the rest who participated, thank you so much as there were a number of entries which were in the finalist for being very creative.

The sponsors had a tough time deciding where in the end, Ginny's entry was selected. To the rest, don't be disappointed as there will be many more contest coming your way here on Malaysia Asia. Stay tuned for our next travel contest, as we will run one when we get the right sponsors. 


tahid said...

woww..congrat for Ginny Yap.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

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Carrie Prince said...

Maldives is such a nice place for the travelling. The picture of yours is so amazing.

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