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Buddha Statue in Bali Photo

Bali Buddha Statue
This Buddha statue in Bali is my photo of the week, where I captured this picture at the Royal Santrian Luxury Beach Villas in Nusa Dua. The statue was part of the resort's garden decoration and was very obvious when I visited this place.

The Royal Santrian resort boasts of privacy and luxury, which caters to couples seeking some romantic moments while on holiday here in Bali.

As for me, I was actually on a hotel and villa inspection to a number of private villas around Bali when this particular Buddha statue stood out to me as I visited this property. 

Luxury Private Pool Villas in Bali are currently on travel demands due to the increase in commercial tourism to Bali.

Many travelers are looking at private places rather than the general run-of-the-mill styled hotels or resorts hence my inspection to these unique places for ma client of mine.

During my working holiday in Bali, I visited a total of 14 private villas all over the island, and it was done in a record time of five days.

At most of the private resorts, each and every one had their own personal interior design, and some of them stood out pretty well. Just like this Buddha statue at the Royal Santrian resort.

I have to say, that five day trip, hopping from resort to resort was not an easy task as many may think. Imagine, checking in and out on a daily basis from one resort to another.

At the end of the day, I can easily say this - Been there, done that. This experience was a complete eye opener for me, and it gave me a much better perspective  of what these resorts offer.

One thing I would like to highlight is that many of these private resorts had Buddha statues, in different forms, shapes and sizes. They were all places within the main resort entrances or in the resort area. 

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