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Visit Sarawak Year

Visiting Sarawak

After a long wait, a year-long Visit Sarawak Year 2013 would be launched on Sept 16, 2013, in Kuching to coincide with the state’s 50th Merdeka Anniversary celebration of Sarawak and Sabah joining Malaya to form Malaysia.

According to the state Tourism Minister, VSY2013 will be a big and significant year for the ministry, and one that will benefit the tourism industry in many ways. 

Over the years, Sarawak has always been the gem of Borneo that was highlighted worldwide by the tourism council usually at international travel trade shows.

Other notable mentions would be appearing in movies or documentaries from famous television stations like BBC or National Geographic.

World renown superstars have also made their presence in Sarawak with stars like Jessica Alba, Nick Nolte, Michelle Yeoh and Anthony Bourdain visiting this state in Borneo.

Visit Sarawak Year

Sarawak Bakalalan Highlands
Ba'kelalan Highlands
Sarawak Visitor Statistics 2012 

For the year 2012, Sarawak recorded 2,944,821 visitor arrivals from January to September which was an increase of 8.1% compared to the same period last year.

Among the visitors, 1,918,497 (+14.3%) are international visitors and 1,026,324 (-1.9%) are from Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah. There are notable increases in arrivals from Singapore, China, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Culture, Adventure, and Nature (CAN) continue to be the main tourist attraction to Sarawak. Visitors to National Parks, Wildlife Centre, and Nature Reserves indicated a positive growth.

As of June 2012, the National Parks recorded 206,186 visitors of which 26% are foreigners. The latest tourism figures for Sarawak are yet to be published.

Sarawak Semenggoh Wildlife Centre
Semenggoh Wildlife Centre
Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, from January to June 2012, recorded the highest visitor arrivals with 46,370, followed by Bako National Park with 21,052 and Niah National Park with 11,862.

The Ministry of Tourism successfully coordinated 54 tourism-related events held in all divisions throughout the State in collaboration with the respective Residents and private event organizers during the year.

The Sarawak Tourism Board continues to print promotional collateral in line with the re-imaging of "Where Adventure Lives" these collaterals are distributed worldwide through the various consumer and trade exhibitions, Tourism Malaysia’s Offices and Malaysia Airlines offices worldwide.

The collateral is also being translated in Korean, Japanese and Mandarin for each individual country too. 

Sarawak Homestay Program
Homestay is Sarawak
Homestay in Sarawak

For homestays in Sarawak, a total of 28 villages comprising of 418 operators throughout the State have been registered under the homestay program which will be highlighted to the tourist for Visit Sarawak Year 2013.

You can also get more information on this from the visitor center in Kuching or from the main websites of the tourism boards.

Sarawak Convention Bureau

Sarawak Convention Bureau, which has completed its re-branding of Sarawak as a destination "Where Business and Adventure Meet" has identified a number of proactive objectives for 2013.

It will place greater emphasis on trading partnerships and representation to achieve its goals. The convention center which is located in the Kuching district will also see many international events happening this and next year.

Kuching Brooke Dockyard
Brooke Dockyard along the Sarawak River
International Musical Festivals and Expos in Sarawak

The world-renown Rainforest World Music Festival has been going on in Sarawak for the last 16 years and it is also noted in one of the top music magazines in the world as one of the 25 Music Festivals in the World to Visit.

This takes place yearly at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong while the world acclaimed Borneo Jazz Festival takes place yearly in the city of Miri.

Another new event that made its inaugural presence this year was the Borneo World Music Expo seeing musicians, programmers and buyers get together in Kuching for this two-day event.


Overall, Visit Sarawak Year 2013 will flow right into Visit Malaysia Year 2014 as it will be a 12 month-long event, therefore, the timing of doing this is works out to be a win-win situation for the tourism boards and the visitors.

A lot of activities and events have been planned ahead for the year while the state will also be hosting a number of local and international events like the Asean Tourism Forum 2014 or ATF 2014, Borneo Bead Convention 2013 and a number of other notable events.  

Additional information can be seen at the Sarawak Tourism Board Website or the Ministry of Tourism Sarawak.

As for the official launching for this event, nothing has been confirmed as of today (15th Aug) and once we get more information, we will share it here for those interested in attending or even planning a trip during the Visit Sarawak Year 2013.


Henry Lee said...

must go rainforest fest once... at least once in my lifetime! hahaha

Malaysia Asia said...

Henry, you best book the tickets, flights and hotel now for the RWMF 2014. Then you are sure to visit the next one :)