Metallica Live in KL Malaysia Concert Photos

Malaysia Metallica Live Photos
These Metallica Live in KL Malaysia concert photos were taken on the 21st August 2013 as this was a historical day for Metallica fans in Malaysia.

All photos were taken using a Samsung Note as this time around, I went for the concert as a paying customer so no cameras and so on.

For the record, this is the first time that Metallica is performing here in Malaysia and let me just tell you that it was the most intensifying concert I have ever been to. Something that many Malaysians who were there will agree with me.

Metallica Live in KL Malaysia

I had never dreamed that I would see Metallica perform live in Malaysia and this makes history as James Hetfield himself asked the 10,000 strong crowd "Have you been waiting long for this?" where the crowd cheered at the top of their voices.

He then said "Yes, I know you have been waiting 31 years for us to come" and the crowd went insanely wild! Seriously, 31 years?

Wow... even the band knows how long we have been deprived of excellent live music. I was impressed!

Photos of Metallica in KL, Malaysia
Huge crowd outside the Merdeka Stadium for the Metallica Live Concert in Malaysia
The Metallica concert at Stadium Merdeka saw people coming as early as 2pm and as for me, I got in about 4pm where there were at least a thousand odd people around there.

Majority of the fans came in their black Metallica t-shirts of all sorts. The gates o the stadium opened at about 6pm and fans were seen rushing to get the best spots. As for me, I bought the RM380 ticket therefore it was at the covered area. 

Here's the interesting part - Cromox, a well known local Malaysian hard metal band made a surprise opening at about 7pm and played 4-5 songs.

This was apparently only announced on the Metallica Live in Malaysia Facebook Page on the eleventh hour. They were pretty decent but I think the sound system was really low keyed compared to the main show but kudos to them! 

So, Metallica gets on stage at about 8.45pm, 15 minutes earlier than scheduled and opens with "Hit The Lights" and the crowd goes wild.

They then lead into the next song - "Master of Puppets" which drives the crowd ecstatically mad! Wow, what an opener... which was totally unexpected from the band. Anyway, below is a video of Metallica Live in Malaysia's Opening Song. Check it out. 

 Metallica Live in Malaysia opening song at Stadium Merdeka, 21st Aug 2013

Throughout the concert they played most of the popular songs and at one point, they played something from the latest Death Magnetic album which many fans were seen either lost or clueless.

I am assuming these are the old school fans and realizing that after the song, James Hetfield then asked the crowd, "So..... you like the hard stuff eh?" with the crowd cheering at the top of their voices, he then said "OK, let's have the hard stuff" and continued with songs from the earlier albums.

Some solo bits were played in between songs which was pretty incredible.(And when I got to sit and rest)

Anyway, here are the Metallica Live in KL Malaysia Concert Photos taken randomly with my Samsung Note 2.

Photos of Metallica Live in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Metallica Live Concert
The line for the RM380 ticket entrance and the crowd at the back. This was taken at about 5pm. Concert started at 8.45pm
Metallica Live Ticket
Metallica Live in Malaysia Ticket
The RM450 crowd eager to get into the stadium. This taken at about 5.30pm
Malaysia Metallica Live 2013
Ticket Checker, how nice
Things to do while waiting for the concert to start, smart guy, we waited about 2 hours just so you know
This guy was really smart, brought his binoculars and a tripod so he saw Metallica close up
Just before the concert at about 7.45pm, the crowd starts to pour in to the RM550 and RM680 areas
Kuala Lumpur Metallica Concert
After the Metallica KL Concert started, full house up front
Photo of Metallica Live in Malaysia
Metallica Live in Malaysia at the peak, seriously, the best concert I have been in Malaysia
Metallica says thank you Malaysia after the concert
Metallica ended the concert in KL with another all time favourite - "Seek and Destroy" which drove everyone nuts.

Before the song, James Hetfield simply asked the stadium if you know three English Words - Seek, And, Destroy and then instructed everyone to sing that part only.

You can imagine how it turned out to be - Simply incredible as I never did expect such a great show for Metallica Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Finally the band closed the set by throwing souvenirs of guitar picks and drum sticks to the crowd in the front (lucky fans!).

There was actually quite a lot of guitar picks thrown out too. Metallica's parting words were "Do you want to see us again in KL" and of course the stadium cheered at the top of their voices.

James Hetfield then said "Metallica Loves Kuala Lumpur" to a roaring crowd followed by Kirk Hammett attempting to speak in Bahasa where he said "Selamat.......Good Night Malaysia".

This got the crowd laughing but then applauding his attempt to speak Bahasa. Bassist Robert Trujillo quickly said "Terima Kasih" and Lars Ulrich closing with a few thank you words stressing that they will be back in KL soon.


Hope you enjoyed my review of the concert and liked my Metallica Live in KL Malaysia concert photos, as this was truly an event to remember for the rest of my life.

Again, we will never know is Metallica will ever perform here in Malaysia in the near future, so this was indeed an epic concert. 

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