Malaysia Asia Celebrates 10,000 Facebook Likes

Facebook 10000 Likes

Since getting on Facebook years ago, I never thought my Malaysia Asia Facebook Page would reach this stunning number of 10,000 followers.

I personally started using Facebook back in 2006 when my IT friend in the USA told me about this new social networking website that he was on and urged me to get on as well.

Creating my first ever account (which is only for my close friends), I found the social media platform to be an eye-opener back then.

10,000 Likes on Facebook in Malaysia

Mind you that all of this was late 2006 when I made that commitment and signed up on Facebook and many of my friends or social circles were still unaware of this kind of social engagement then.

It was like when the iPhone first came out and I managed to get one from the United States and used it here in Malaysia, most of my friends laughed at me on how the phone was huge and people would not accept the touch screen. Look at what has happened now.

Malaysia Asia Facebook
For you social media fans out there, Facebook was officially opened on September 26, 2006, to everyone of age 13 and older who had a valid email address.

Fortunately for me, I was lucky to get on board in the early days when the interface was incredibly wonderful (unlike now).

So, for me, it was more of an amazing platform to share my travel photos and also information with friends as things were so simple back then compared to these days.

Now, I use Facebook here in Malaysia mainly for my business, usually to share my travel experience and knowledge. Most of the time, I keep away from posting politics or personal issues on my Malaysia Asia Facebook Page.

Don't get me wrong, but over the years, I have seen many who use it the wrong way and I hope that in all this while, I have not used it wrongly or to offend anyone. If I have, I apologize for it sincerely.

Buying Facebook likes in Malaysia

For most Malaysians or anyone the world over, you would know that Facebook likes are easily obtained nowadays by simply purchasing them.

Yes, you can actually buy Facebook Likes and that is why you suddenly see some pages growing like crazy.

But what I want to stress here is that my 10000 likes or fans are Organically Grown from day one. I have never purchased any likes for this.

Out there in the market, I have been following a number of accounts who have indeed been purchasing likes.

The way to check is simple, just click on the Facebook Page 'Likes' and it will show you a graph there and where the likes are coming from.

Also, the timeline of the likes which you can suddenly see a spike in the likes and this indicates purchases. Plus you can also see 'People are talking about' and where they come from. Bought ones come from one country usually. 

Malaysia Facebook Statistics 2013

What is in store for the future of Facebook? Honestly, I am uncertain as we were all taught never to put all our eggs in one basket.

As a travel and tourism speaker in Malaysia, I once spoke at an event about this particular topic and most of the guests were clueless about it when I brought this up.

In the event, if Facebook were to shut, what would happen? Will the world end? Will people go mad? These are just some of the common questions that I often ask social media fanatics.

For me, there are many other various social media platforms out there and I make it a priority to engage in the others as well. In a way, I keep reaching out to more people which helps me grow my network around the world.

Nevertheless, I will still continue to share all my travel and tourism experiences on my Facebook page and profile while I am also in the midst of coming up with something interesting using this platform and I will most definitely let you know once it is in the final stages.


Again, for all the friends, fans and acquaintances, thank you very much for your support over the years and I hope to always cheer and entertain all of you with my postings. Terima Kasih for letting Malaysia Asia Celebrate 10,000 Facebook Likes.

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