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Legoland Malaysia launches largest Lego Death Star

Malaysia Lego Death Star

Legoland Malaysia launched the largest Lego Death Star in an event held on the 26th July 2013 here in Johor.

The launching also saw specially invited Star Wars characters together with Siegfried Boerst, General Manager of Legoland Malaysia officiating the Lego Death Star and also the Lego Star Wars Miniland.

For Lego and Star Wars fans, The Death Star is also one of the most famous icons from the movies, and has been a favourite among the fans in Malaysia.

Lego Death Star at Legoland Malaysia

 L - Siegfried Boerst during the press conference, R - The Lego Death Star

Malaysia Lego Star Wars Miniland
Legoland GM, Model Builders and Star Wars characters at the launching of Lego Star Wars Miniland

It took a grueling four months to complete what is the world's largest Lego Death Star which weighs in at 800 kilograms and reaches six meters in height.

Over 750,000 Lego pieces were used to make this model while 10,000 special glow in the dark tiles were used to create the laser beam section.

A team from Legoland California and eight Malaysian Lego model builders were involved in this historical display.

Star Wars Event at Legoland Malaysia
Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper during the launching event here in Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Siegfried Boerst
Siegfried Boerst in a Jedi master costume during the Star Wars Miniland launch

During the press conference, Mr. Boerst who was dressed for the theme in a Jedi masters robe also mentioned that there will be a Lego Star Wars Day event held at the them park from the 16-18th August, 2013.

Guest will be treated to a special movie screenings and even a 'Lightsaber' performance while a 'training' session is also included during the two days here at Legoland Johor. 

Below are some slides which were displayed during the press conference showing the process and details of the Lego Death Star and the Star Wars Miniland here in Johor.

Click on the image to see the full picture.

Lego Star Wars Miniland Malaysia

The Lego Star Wars Miniland is located next to the Lego China display at Legoland Malaysia. There will also be a temporary retail store set up next to the attraction starting on the 9th August 2013 in conjunction with the launch.

This store will also be selling various Lego Star Wars products. The largest Lego Death Star will also be on display for a number of months before it will be sent of to other Lego Lands around the world for a world tour. 

At the Star Wars Miniland, there are a number of other interactive Lego sections where you can see moving parts at the push of a button.

The highlight is of course the Death Star control unit which you can read about at the end of this article. 

X-Wing Fighter in the Lego Death Star interactive display

Another view of the Lego X-Wing Starfighter interactive display

So if you are a Star Wars and Lego fan, this is your chance to go to Legoland Malaysia and catch this unique Lego Star Wars Miniland display.

The beauty about the Lego Death Star is that it also emits the famous superlaser that destroys moons. This effect is also best viewed at night and also interesting to photograph.

Death Star Legoland Malaysia
Lego Death Star with Superlaser at night in Legoland Malaysia

Lego Death Star Superlaser Control Panel

For more information about the theme park, hotel and also water park, you can visit the official Legoland Malaysia website as there are always special promotions on package deals for families.

Note that Legoland Malaysia will close at 8.00 pm on weekdays during the Ramadhan month and 10.00 pm for weekends throughout the year.


This is actually a bonus as many would want to see the theme park in the night as the attractions will be lighted and the weather will be so much cooler in the evenings.

For the Star Wars fans, it is highly recommended that you make a visit here with your family or kids to see the Largest Lego Death Star in the World here at Legoland Malaysia.


Henry Lee said...

more reason for me to visit legoland!!! Bro do u have any suggestion for me to stay in any nice but budget hotel near JPO and legoland? Thanks

Malaysia Asia said...

Henry, I'd just stay at Tune Hotels Danga Bay. But you need to find transport on your own if you are not driving. There is also Rose Cottage Hotel between Legoland and JPO....