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Christ Church in Melaka

Melaka Christ Church

The Christ Church in Melaka is one of the most prominent buildings located at the Stadthuys or commonly called the Red Square in the old part of Melaka city.

This entire area was built in 1650 when the Dutch ruled this oriental gem called Malacca back then. Nowadays, the Christ Church serves as a popular tourist stop along Jalan Laksamana and is one of Melaka's top attractions.

The Melaka Red Square is also a couple of minutes' walk to the famous Jonker Street in the UNESCO Core Heritage Zone here.

Christ Church in Melaka 

The Christ Church which was built in 1753, is also an 18th-century Anglican church and is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia.

The church is also within the jurisdiction of the Lower Central Archdeaconry of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia.

Red Church Melaka
Christ Church in Melaka

Originally the church started construction in 1741 and took 12 years to complete and this was in commemoration of the centenary of the capture of Malacca from the Portuguese rule since 1511.

Building Statistics of Christ Church in Melaka
  • The church is built in a Dutch Colonial architecture style and is laid out in a simple rectangle of 82 feet (25 meters) by 42 feet (13 meters). 
  • The ceiling rises to 40 feet (12 meters) and is spanned by huge wooden beams, each carved from a single tree. 
  • The roof of the church is covered with Dutch tiles and the walls were raised using Dutch bricks built on local laterite blocks then coated with Chinese plaster. 
  • The floors of the church are paved with granite blocks originally used as ballast for merchant ships from back in the days. 
Unique note - The Christ Church bell is inscribed with the date 1698 suggesting that it was used for another purpose prior to the completion of the church. But no record of this other church can be found.

Melaka Christ Church Service - There are still Sunday services held in this church with different languages which are English at 8.30 am, Mandarin at 10.30 am and Bahasa Malaysia at 4.30 pm for those interested in attending the services.

Red Square Melaka
The beautiful Red Square in Melaka
How To Go To Christ Church In Melaka? 

Basically, you simply head to the Red Square or Stadthuys, which is located at the end section of Jonker Walk or Jonker Street. From the end, cross the bridge and you will arrive there.

If you are self-driving, use Waze and key in Stadthuys or Melaka Christ Church, and the application should lead you there. The same goes to Google Maps.

For those travelers staying out of Melaka's old town, you can take a taxi, Grab Car or simply take a slow walk here.


Melaka played host for the World Tourism Conference in 2013, which saw many local and international delegates arriving in Melaka. You can expect many of the main Melaka attractions to busy during that period. 

If you are visiting Melaka for the first time, you will most probably make a stop here to get your photo of the Christ Church in Melaka, as it truly is one of the most beautiful buildings in Malaysia. 

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