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Why Visit Malaysia?

Visiting Malaysia

Many people have asked me online on what are the main reasons to visit Malaysia, and this article will help you answer some of the main questions. 

This article will shed light on why you should visit Malaysia, and it is done entirely by me, where I have extensively visited almost all of Malaysia. 

Why Visit Malaysia?

The question in topic here is Why visit Malaysia? And I am sure many of you who have not visited Malaysia would like to know what this multiracial and multicultural country has to offer for travellers.

Since I have been actively traveling around the country in the last 3 to 4 years, I will do my best to share my experiences and reasons on why you should visit Malaysia.

This is of course without referring to Wikipedia or any other online information, and simply because I am a Malaysian who grew up here in Kuala Lumpur.

Where is Malaysia?

Malaysia is a relatively small country located by the earths equator and sandwiched between Thailand and Singapore.

Divided into two parts, there is Peninsular Malaysia where the main cities lie while over in the island of Borneo, there are the states of Sarawak and Sabah which shares the island with Kalimantan and also Brunei.

More About Malaysia

The country has been independent since 1957 after British Rule and therefore we are celebrating our 56th Independence Day this August 31st.

Each year, a different city is selected for the celebrations which is a public holiday nationwide. Another fun fact is that Malaysia is also known as a country with the most public holidays in the world.

The People of Malaysia

With a total population of almost 28 million people living in peaceful harmony, our multiracial society is broken up into three main races - Malay, Chinese and Indian.

The rest are from various ethnicity which are mainly the Ibans from Sarawak, Kadazans from Sabah, Portuguese form Melaka and many other smaller sub-ethnicity which are too many to name.

The Language in Malaysia

Yes, English is widely spoken here especially in the larger cities and towns but our national language is Bahasa Malaysia where every race speaks this.

For the traveler, fear not as you will somehow realize that your English is understood overall. For the record, government schools here teach English as a second language. Basic English is easily understood nationwide.

Satay Malaysia
Malaysian Satay
The Food in Malaysia

The best part about Malaysia is the food! If anyone has been here before, try asking them, and they will easily vouch for our amazing Malaysian food.

As we are a multiracial nation, you can imagine the amazing melting pot of food found around the country. Till this day, I can assure you that as a local, I am still finding new and interesting Malaysian food whenever I travel in my own backyard. 

The most interesting choices of food for the visitor to Malaysia would be the Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines. From high-end restaurants right to hawkers, you have a choice of experiencing all of this.

It is highly recommended that you try some of the Malaysian signature dishes like Satay, Nasi Lemak and Rendang (Malay), Chicken Rice, Fried Kuey Teow and Laksa (Chinese and Malay) and Banana Lead Rice (Indian).

One dish that is shared by all the major groups is Rojak, a cut fruit salad mixed with peanut or shrimp paste sauce. You can find Indian, Malay and Chinese Rojak at many places around Malaysia.

Apart from these dishes, there are numerous sub-cultural ethnic dishes worth exploring throughout the country.

Mataking Island
Malaysia's Mataking Island
The Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

All depending on the type of holiday or vacation that you want, Malaysia offers the best of everything in one country.

This beautiful tropical country offers lush rainforest adventures, amazing shopping experiences, multiracial cultural encounters, fascinating food choices, endless white sand beaches and more.

Read this article about the best places to visit in Malaysia which I wrote in 2017, and they are all based on my actual visits to those places. That my readers, is a real list, and not your top 10 listicle.

For the city lover

There are a number of main cities to explore in Malaysia, each city offers a different kind of experience. Kuala Lumpur is the capitol where everything happens. All the major international brands for most things can be found here.

Melaka (Malacca), 2 hours from KL is a UNESCO city which has high historical value. Tourist come here especially for the culture, heritage and the food which is very recommended for first timers to Malaysia.

Penang (Pulau Pinang) is another UNESCO city which is also a popular destination. Famous for the old British charm, the streets are lined with pre-war shop houses while the island is famous for their local Penang hawker food. The capitol Georgetown is best explored by foot too.

Other notable cities to explore are Kota Kinabalu in Sabah where it is a coastal city with a beautiful waterfront while Kuching in Sarawak caters to the more nature and adventure type of place.

Malaysia Ecotourism
Malaysia's Ecotourism and rainforest
For the nature lover

Many places around the country offer amazing national and wildlife parks apart from the forest reserves, mountains and marine parks.

As there are too many to name, I will note the most popular which is Kinabalu Park, Sukau Kinabatangan and Danum Valley in Sabah Borneo.

There is also Niah and Mulu National Park in Northern Sarawak while there is also the Bako National Park in the south.

Over in Peninsular Malaysia, there are numerous places worth exploring like the Taman Negara National Park and the Endau-Rompin National Park.

You would be surprised to know that Penang Island has the worlds smallest national park too. Something worth exploring when you visit Penang.

What Malaysian cuisine looks like
For the food tourist

One thing about Malaysia is the abundance and variety of mouth-watering food which can be found just about any corner of the country.

Many have said 'You will never go hungry in Malaysia' and that is a fact. Local Malaysian food comes in hawker and restaurant choices where it all depends on how you want to explore the foods here.

For the first time travelers, you should always make it a point to experience the Malay,Chinese and Indian food in Malaysia.

Hotels are a great place to start and if you are ambitious enough, head out to the local food centers and restaurants. Hawkers have some of the best Malaysian food too.

However, for the international traveler, there are also many other cuisines found throughout the country.

From general Continental, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai and even Middle Eastern food, which can be found at most cities in restaurants. Some hawker centers offer stall that sell these kind of foods.

In Malaysia, Seafood is a must try and coastal cities or town are the best place to experience this. Prices are pretty cheap while the variety is simply stunning.

The best part is the way they are cooked with the local taste. While there are numerous high end restaurants selling seafood, there are also local restaurants that have some of the best taste in town. Ask around when you are in coastal cities or towns in Malaysia.

Durians and Tourist
A tourist trying the Durian in Malaysia
One thing that you MUST TRY is the Malaysian Durians. They are found all over the country and there are even Durian Tour Packages in Penang.

The King of Fruits is pretty much the talk of Malaysia when it comes to visitors exploring food tourism.

Petaling Street Fake Bags
Knock off bags sold at some markets
For the Shopping Fanatic

If you think shopping is a must during your travels, then look no further as Malaysia is now one of the premier destinations for all sorts of shopping.

From bargains to luxury products, you can find all of this here. Apparels seem to be on top of the list where you can get bargain priced clothes from night markets to shops in shopping malls. Designer clothes are also easily sourced from high end malls in the major cities.

For crafts, many major towns will have Malaysian crafts on sale. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, the Central Market is the best place to source these local crafts.

There is also the Craft Center nearby the Petronas Twin Towers where you can see how Malaysian craft is done and then buy some souvenirs there.

Another interestingly choice for shoppers are shoes in Malaysia. Having a demand for this, the tourism ministry launched a Malaysian International Show Festival which is held in March here in KL.

With local homegrown celebrity - Jimmy Choo, there are many local shoe designers found around Kuala Lumpur, so if shoes are your fetish, then start exploring the malls here.

If you are into international branded goods, they are aplenty around the major cities with most of these outlets located in major shopping malls.

Duty Free Shopping is another popular choice as some islands like Langkawi and Labuan offer great duty free shopping. From chocolates, liquor, cosmetics, electrical items and even clothes can be found at specialty shops at the islands.

Even at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA, there are hundreds of shops selling duty free goods ranging from local products to international brands.

For the Eco Tourism Lover

Never ending rainforest can only say one thing - Eco Tourism, and Malaysia is filled with this. From Peninsular to East Malaysia where Sabah and Sarawak are located, there are endless opportunities for Eco Tourism here.

Explore rainforest, mountains, rivers and mangrove swamps where many travel and tour companies offer various packages.

Some national parks offer accommodations to suit any traveler. From basic lodging right till luxury experiences are available.

Notable Eco places in Malaysia are Taman Negara, Endau-Rompin in Peninsular Malaysia while over in Sarawak, there is Bako, Mulu and Niah National Parks and in Sabah, there are Danum Valley and also Kinabalu Park.

For the Island Lover

Malaysia offers countless beautiful islands for you to choose from and some of them can be visited all year round too.

Recommended islands in Peninsular Malaysia are Langkawi Island which is open all year where some of the best resorts and attractions are found.

Further down south along the Straits of Melaka, Pangkor Island offers a more quiet escape while over in the East Coast, there are world renown Tioman Island, Perhentian Islands, Redang Island and also Lang Tengah Island.

All the east coast islands have a monsoon period where it is not advised to visit from October to February.

Pulau Talang Island
Talang Island in Sarawak
Over in East Malaysia, Sabah has some spectacular islands to explore. Just 15 minutes out of Kota Kinabalu city, you can find crystal clear waters and white sand beaches at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park where popular islands like Manukan, Sapi, Manutik and Gaya Island are located.

East of Sabah is where you will find world famous diving spots and resorts at Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai, Pom Pom and also Mataking Island, which is known as the Maldives of Malaysia.

Off Sandakan town, you will find a turtle conservation on Selingan Island or Turtle Island while there is also a specialty island in Sarawak called Talang Talang Island (right image)

For the Adventurer and Explorer

There are various kinds of adventures to explore in Malaysia as there is abundance of rainforest and natural surroundings found all over the country.

Try White Water Rafting or tubing in Perak or Sabah while rock climbing is also a favourite in many states.

Paragliding is also well known in some states while mountain biking, trekking and hiking are common in most states.

Maybe a serious jungle camping experience in the rainforest of Borneo is your cup of tea or even self-driving yourself around the country in a rented vehicle.

For the explorer, there are a number of bicycle tours available at most cities where you or your family can rent a bicycle and explore the city or town with a guide as this is one of the best ways to see a place. You can get more information from various tour and travel companies around Malaysia.

Malaysia Legoland
Legoland Malaysia in Johor
For the Family Traveler

Theme parks are a must for those with children and Malaysia is now set to be one of the main countries with a variety of theme parks. Popular ones are Legoland Malaysia, Legoland Water Park and Hello Kitty Town in Iskandar Johor.

Over in the Klang Valley (KL and PJ), there is the Berjaya Times Square Indoor Theme Park, Sunway Lagoon and iCity Water Park while in Genting Highlands, there is the Genting Indoor and Outdoor Theme Park. For a complete list, see my Theme Parks in Malaysia article.

Some other activities for families which are child friendly include visiting the island of Langkawi where there is abundance of family related activities.

Iskandar Johor is where you find the latest theme parks and also the Johor Premium Outlet or JPO for some shopping bargains and also Melaka where a good balance of culture, heritage, food and parks are available.

For the Art Aficionado

Art tourism in Malaysia has promoted where the 1Malaysia Contemporary Arts Tourism Festival (1MCAT) was launched in Kuala Lumpur, attracting many local and regional artist.

During the festival, a 1MCAT Art Tour Shuttle will ferry visitors from selected hotels to Shopping Complexes in the capital where the art is on display. This is pending and not confirmed currently.

The Annex at Central Market in Kuala Lumpur is also a great place to see some of the local art for sale and even artist at work.

For the Cultural Explorer

With so many cultures offered in Malaysia, there is practically endless choices to choose from all over Malaysia.

Each state offers a unique cultural experience in Peninsular Malaysia but if you go over to Sabah and Sarawak, you will be in for a different surprise with the massive ethnic and sub-ethnic cultures available there.

A great place to start is in the state of Melaka (2 hours drive from KL) where you can experience the unique Baba-Nyonya Peranakan cultures by visiting local museums, homes and restaurants located in the core heritage zone of Jonker Street.

Must Not Miss Experiences in Malaysia

There are many not-to-miss experiences found throughout Malaysia but for this article, I will highlight the most popular ones which can be found in the major cities.

This will be much easier for the first timer to Malaysia or those with limited time to explore Malaysia to try out some of these experiences here.

Pasar Malam (Night Market)

I am recommending that you try visiting a local Malaysian Night Market or Pasar Malam. This is where all the locals go to buy their daily or weekly groceries and even food for dinner or supper.

The Pasar Malam is found usually in large housing areas and move around from day to day to different locations.

Places where you can find some of the best night markets in Malaysia are;

  • Jalan TAR in Kuala Lumpur (Saturday Night)
  • Kuah Town Pasar Malam in Langkawi (Wednesday & Saturday Night)
  • Batu Feringgi Pasar Malam (Nightly)
  • Connaught Pasar Malam, the longest in Malaysia (Wednesday night)

But you will need to get a Grab driver or taxi to send you there. These night markets usually open from 5.00 pm till 11.00 am.

Teh Tarik in Malaysia
A Mamak doing Teh Tarik in Malaysia
Roti Canai and Teh Tarik

At any state or place in Malaysia, you will most likely be able to find this at any local Mamak restaurant.

Mamak Restaurants are actually Indian Muslim eateries which are open 24 hours. The combination of Roti Canai (Flat Dough Bread) and Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea) are one of the most common breakfast and supper meals for most Malaysians.

Even I do this on a regular basis as a local. Remember to tell the waiter to make your drink order 'Less Sweet' or Kurang Manis as the locals say it. 

Banana Leaf Rice Meal

All walks of life in Malaysia enjoy this local culture which was brought over from Southern India over a hundred years ago. These days, the Banana Leaf meal is considered a semi-luxury meal, usually eaten for lunch.

Hot steaming rice is served on a piece of banana leaf accompanied with three vegetable choices. Add-on's are usually chicken, meat or fish curries, piece of fried fish or chicken and a choice of dried salty chili, yogurt or Rassam (Spicy soup).

Mixed together and eaten with your hands where this is one of the few dishes that locals keep coming back for more.

Malaysia Banana Leaf Meal
Visitors trying out the Banana Leaf meal with their hands

For the Vegetarian, there are veg-only banana leaf meals served so please do let the server know your options. Places that you can find this dish are usually around Indian communities the country over.

Best places to experience this is at Brickfields area in KL City, Little India in Penang and Klang. You will never find this at any of the hotels too.

Malaysia Homestay
Homestay in Malaysia
Homestay program

As there are numerous homestays available throughout the country, there are some which are available just outside of KL city.

These homestay programs are specially created where visitors get to stay in a local village home for one or two nights to experience the common village or kampung life.

Eat, bath and sleep like the locals do while exploring the farms or orchards and learn how things are done here. Excellent for those with children wanting to experience the Malaysian way of life.


With this article, I hope that the first time traveler to Malaysia will find something that will suite your travel style.

If there is something you would like to ask, please do so by using the comment form below and I will do my best to assist you.

You can also visit the official Tourism Malaysia website for additional information about why you should visit Malaysia.


Adi Bali said...

What an amazing assortment of Malaysia you have in this posting. I have been to Malaysia a few times, but ending up only spending all of my visit in KL. To explore more for the first time, which one is more interesting between the Malaysian part on the peninsula or on the Borneo island? Thanks!

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Adi, thanks. Since you have already been to KL, I would suggest you try Sabah/Sarawak on your next visit. The lifestyle and culture there is so different compared to here in KL.

If you are still coming to the Peninsular side, then explore out of KL to places like Penang, Langkawi or even the East Coast states of Terengganu and Kelantan. Hope this helps.

Kim said...

I have always wanted to explore Sarawak. What would you suggest I see and do?

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Kim for your question. It all depends on what kind of tourist you are. For the first timer, I would recommend visiting Kuching and then exploring out to places like Mulu and Miri.

Kuching offers a great balance of food, culture and history. Mulu is more for the adventurer where you can explore the many caves and mainly the rainforest.

Miri is more of a laid back seaside city which is one of the main access to Mulu, Niah and also the Bari Highlands. There are some diving activities available just out of Miri if you're a diver too.

Hope this helps.

Des said...

I read with interest about the Selingan island and Turtle island. Are these conservation islands cater for tourist visit and get closer with turtles? How can I know more about it? Noticed there are many other islands attraction in East Malaysia too!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Des for the question. Selingan Island is also called Turtle island located off Sandakan in east Sabah. There are specialized tours from Sandakan where only one tour operator runs this service. Its a 2 day 1 night trip where on that evening after dinner, you will have the chance to view the turtles laying egg and participate in the baby turtle release program that same night. Prices are about RM280 per person and you can contact any tour operator in Sandakan about this.

There are some other islands nearby like Lankayan Island that practices this for the guests. Other islands like Mabul, Sipadan, Mataking, Kapalai do not have the program for guests, well not that I know off. You can visit www.sabahtourism.com for more information too. Hope this helps.

Samson Tan said...

Great breakdown. I have a question - in 2014, I have a short business trip to Kuala Lumpur in March with two days free. Where can I go to see some wildlife in its natural surroundings?

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Samson, thanks for the question. Well, as Kuala Lumpur or KL is a large city, there are not much natural attractions found nearby. However, there is the FRIM or Forest Research Institute of Malaysia where you can the day trekking and exploring the jungles there. This is located in Kepong which is about 20-30 minutes from KL city. Birds, monkeys and lizards are common here.

The other side towards Rawang Town, there is Templers Park where you can explore waterfalls and treks. This is also about 20-30 minutes from KL. No wildlife except maybe birds.

There is an Elephant Conservation and Sanctuary located in Kuala Gandah which is on the way to Kuantan via the East Coast Highway. Check out the Deer and Animal Farm which is nearby here too. You need to book a tour here for this trip.

Another area is Broga Hills where you can do some basic trekking and hiking. Birdwatching is a popular thing here.

The best is to visit Taman Negara in Pahang State for Wildlife, but this requires a minimum of three days. I hope the above can provide some assistance to your coming trip.

Unknown said...

We visited the Danum Valley in Sabah and Kuching in Sarawak last month. It was a fantastic trip and we particularly enjoyed Kuching as a food destination (although visiting during Ramadan wasn't the best time to be there). This is a great post Dave, comprehensive and very helpful. Thanks!

Chan W.S. said...

Thank you for this beautiful article. It gives me more understanding about Malaysia. I'm planning my trip to Malaysia and I would like to put Malacca in my itinerary as well. How many days do you suggest for visiting Malacca? :)

Globalmouse said...

This is a brilliant article. I am so desperate to get to Malaysia, it's definitely top of my list and this makes me want to get there even more!!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Chan. As for Melaka, I would recommend 2-3 days maximum, depending on the nature of your visit there. If it is family related, then I suggest Melaka-Johor.

Melaka offers you great food, culture and also family fun at some of the theme parks. But the must-visit place there would be Jonker Walk.

Have a great trip there!

Malaysia Asia said...

Global Mouse, I'm glad you feel that way and next year is the best time to visit Malaysia. Best if you come early in the year to catch the festivals and so on. Drop me a line when you make it here :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Victoria, thank you so much and I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Sabah and Sarawak. Who knows, your next trip could be to the east coast islands and Taman Negara?

Hope to see you visiting Malaysia again in 2014.

Michael said...

Thank You David for such an informative article.
My wife and I visited Malaysia in november 2002 and fell in love with the country.
We spent 3 weeks taking the train from Singapore to KL,and then going to Melaka, Penang and Sarawak.
Everywhere we visited was a fantastic experience.
We are finally going to be going back in april of 2014.
This time we are looking to possibly find a fairly inexpensive place to rent.
A 1 or 2 bedroom flat as a base for our extended 90 day adventure.
We are thinking of looking for the rental on or near the beaches in Kuantan would you have any suggestions as to where to look?

Anonymous said...

I understand the state of Johor is a place to visit. Can you tell me what are the popular places in Johor?
I plan to visit Malaysia in June 2014, is that a good time to visit?


Malaysia Asia said...

Michael - I would recommend you try Cherating Beach, there are a number of homestays or long-stay places at Kampung Cherating. It's less busy compared to places like Langkawi or Penang. Good luck and all the best in your visit!

Malaysia Asia said...

Anon - Right now, for entertainment in Johor, there is Puteri Harbor and Legoland Theme Park, Water Park and Hotel there. For more beach activities, Desaru is a nice place but more on the quiet side. These two are the main pullers for Johor apart from JB city.

June is also a recommended time as the weather is quite good. All the best and welcome to Malaysia.