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Mimaland, Malaysia's first Theme Park in 1971

Mimaland Theme Park

Mimaland was Malaysia's first Theme Park which started in 1971. This article was written by me just to remember how things were back in the 70s and 80s here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Asking anyone from Malaysia in the central region in their 30s and 40s if they remember this place, the answer should be a yes.

For me, I have personally been here twice in my childhood and it was the concrete slides that were eye-catching and a wow factor back then, not forgetting the pain of climbing all the way up to go again.

Mimaland, The First Theme Park In Malaysia

Just so you know, I passed Mimaland some ago and saw some of the remains of this water park which was 'the' place to be when I was a kid. This brought back some old memories for me.

Unfortunately, there are no photos from my end but I somehow managed to find some pictures online (with credits) to share with everyone here.

If you have been here before, please do share your experience with everyone in the comment below and thank you. 

Photo of Mimaland Theme Park
 Mimaland Slide called Super Splash

Taman Tema Mimaland
Mimaland main picture and above - Image from http://zhaf-akumenulis.blogspot.com

Some information which was obtained from Wikipedia as below;
The name Mimaland is actually an acronym of the word combination Malaysia In Miniature Land. Mimaland was built in a hilly area of 300 acres in Ulu Gombak near Kuala Lumpur. 
It was owned by Mimaland Berhad, a member of Magnum Corporation. Mimaland construction was done in phases and opened in stages. Mimaland's first phase was completed in 1970, which consisted of 24 motels, 5 chalets and a swimming pool.
Among the main attractions, Mimaland initially is 'prehistoric animal park' containing building dinosaur models of very impressive size.  
Additionally, Mimaland also had several other parts, which included a lake for boating and fishing activities, the 'giant maze', as well as for cross-forest area.
Mimaland Water Slide
 Mimaland's famous slide - Image: http://zhaf-akumenulis.blogspot.com/
After years of operating Mimaland, a 27-year-old Singaporean was killed in an accident at the giant surf board Mimaland in January 1993.  
The unfortunate incident shocked the public and forced the temporary closing Mimaland including the affected areas of the pool and boards. 
After improvement work was done, Mimaland opened back up to the public. However, a minor landslide caused damage to the walls of the same pool in May 1994. This incident caused muddy water to seep into the pool, causing the area to close to the public. 
Several parties, including government agencies had to drag the management of Mimaland to court on a number of offenses alleged, among which are weaknesses in security controls, as well as being the cause of some problems.
During the trial the court was prevented from continuing Mimaland's operations. The consequences can no longer survive without the operation, Mimaland finally had to close its doors forever in 1994. Mimaland relics still exist to this day. ~ Taken from Wikipedia
Mimaland Photo
Mimaland - Before and After - Image from: http://zhaf-akumenulis.blogspot.com/

Huge thanks to Zhaf from Haluan Kiri for writing this post in Malay back in June 2012, where he had photographs and a great story about his experience there.

Without his images, I would not be able to make this posting and share it with the rest of the Malaysians who have actually been here back in the day. 

Map of Mimaland
Mimaland Map - Picture from http://zhaf-akumenulis.blogspot.com/


Again, if you have been here, please do share your stories in the comment form below or if you have pictures of this place (black and white or colour), do share them with me via email and I will publish them with credits back to you.

Finally, I still remember my first time coming here as a child, as if it was just a few years ago but this was almost 35 years ago, and back in the 1980's.

I hope this brought back some memories about Mimaland, Malaysia's first Theme Park, as back then, it was the most awesome place to visit. 

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Henry Lee said…
wahhh i didn't know this at all bro... thanks for sharing! :)
Henry Lee said…
wahhh i didn't know this at all bro... thanks for sharing! :)
seraphangel said…
I just remember there were dinosaur statues.
There were lot's of dinosaurs and huge playground... I didn't know there was a water park cause I'm not even standard one that time....
I wonder who will make money over there again (how I wish I got money to buy the whole place.... hehe )