Malaysia International Dive Expo Photos

MIDE Malaysia

These Malaysia International Dive Expo photos were taken during the event held from 5 to 7 July 2013 at the PWTC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The diving event also saw many new industry players participate, while international companies and tourism boards participated for the first time.

Known commonly as MIDE, thousands of divers from around Malaysia are seen here, where most are buying or upgrading dive equipment while others are booking dive packages or signing up for dive courses.

A number of international participants and visitors also make their way to the dive exhibition, which is touted to be the biggest in Malaysia.

Malaysia International Dive Expo Photos

Sales at MIDE


Malaysia RebreatherMalaysia Liquivision

MIDE GoPro Sale

Malaysia Helix Sidemount

MIDE Rebreathers for Sale

Malaysia Kids Scuba

Malaysia Colour Dive Computers

Crowd at MIDE Malaysia

MIDE Malaysia Fins on Sale

Malaysia MIDE Expo

Nitrox at MIDE Malaysia

Malaysia Dive Exhibition

As an avid diver, I make it a point to check out MIDE every year to keep up to date with the diving technology, products and even destinations.

One of the top attractions this year was Raja Ampat in Indonesia, while exotic places in the Philippines were gaining popularity.

With the connectivity of many budget airlines around the region, diving is now more affordable compared to 10 years ago. 

Even dive equipment has taken a twist where conventional BCD jackets are now a thing of the past. Brands like Hollis and OxyCheq have entered a new trend in the market with their new innovative designs that come in a simple backplate style that is easily stored.

OxyCheq, however, comes in small and large sizes and in various exciting colours that are very good for divers. It is easy to identify divers when in the water with the coloured BCDs.

These were sold by authorized distributor Scubaholics Anonymous (Skoobaholik), who were seen as busy as many divers were captivated by the striking colours and sizes.

Other exciting features at MIDE 2013 were the many new dive destinations, live on boards (LOBs), and dive computers. One that stole my attention was Liquivision Dive Computer with coloured LCD displays.

Speaking to the dealer, these dive computers are suitable for new divers where the colours for depth and air can be adjusted for easy identification.

MIDE Turtle Bay Divers

Ecotours Donsol

Sale at MIDE

MIDE Waterproof Bags

MIDE Underwater Camera Sale

Dive Equipment Sale MIDE Malaysia

Events at MIDE Malaysia

Suunto Promotion at MIDE

MIDE Planet Scuba

MIDE Malaysia Ningaloo Reef Dive Promotion

MIDE Malaysia Technical Diving

Malaysia Reef Check MIDE

MIDE Malaysia Sabah Tourism Board

MIDE Malaysia Sealantis

MIDE Underwater Camera Promotion
Underwater Cameras on sale at MIDE 2013.

Overall, MIDE 2013 was very interesting, and I am sure many divers and would-be divers got what they needed during this diving expo in Malaysia. The event takes place in the first half of the year in Malaysia.


I hope you enjoyed my photos, and if you have any comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment form below. You can also read about my scuba diving articles; I often go to other places worldwide.

As I write this article, I should be packing for my next dive to Mabul and Sipadan Island on 9 July 2013. Thanks again for viewing my Malaysia International Dive Expo photos.

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