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Putrajaya Magic of the Night 2013

Magic of the Night Putrajaya
Putrajaya's Magic of the Night 2013 takes off this Saturday 22 June till 30th June with a promise of a spectacular show that will mesmerize everyone.

A total of 14 beautifully-lighted floats decorated with popular tourism icons of their state or country of origin will sail along the scenic lake here. This event also coincidences with Floria 2013 which shares the same dates.

Putrajaya Magic of the Night 2013 

Float from Langkawi Island
The Langkawi Float
Putrajaya Magic of the Night

All floats will be on a static display from 9.30 pm until 11.30 pm and followed by a series of fireworks which will dominate the skyline of Putrajaya every night at the end of the cruise parade.

Themed ‘Colours of Harmony’, this nightly event will light up the evening panorama of the federal administrative capital.

Last year, almost a total of one million people attended both festivals, the Floria and Magic of the Night during the nine days.

If you have never been for this event, I suggest you make you way to Putrajaya to witness the Magic of the Night 2013 event.

It will be an eye-opener where you will witness a myriad of colours from flowers and fireworks.

Float from Melaka State

In the participation list, there are a total of 14 floats taking part where one is an international entrant from China. There are 9 floats from the states of Malaysia which are;
  • Perak
  • Negeri Sembilan
  • Perlis
  • Terengganu
  • Pahang
  • Sarawak
  • Melaka
  • Johor
  • Sabah
Float for Magic of the Night
International participant float from China

Four other floats are from the respective government department;
  • Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia
  • Tourism Malaysia
  • Perbadanan Putrajaya
  • Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) 
Float of Sabah Tourism
Sabah Tourism Float

Among some of the outstanding floats were those from the state of Sabah and Melaka. Overall they all had their own identity but for this year, I hear that Sabah Tourism Board is having something special for their float. I will be waiting to see what they have up their sleeve.

On a personal note, I am surprised that no individual private corporation has taken part in this even though this is the 3rd year that the float parade is taking place.

Huge brands like TM, Maxis, Digi, Telekom and so on would have been interesting to see how they participate. Anyway, the Magic of the Night Putrajaya 2012 was pretty impressive with some floats really standing out.

Light Laser Show Putrajaya

Putrajaya Magic of the Night 2013
Date: 22 June 2013 - 30 June 2013
Time: 9.30pm - 11.30pm
Venue: SisiranTasik, Presint 2
Entrance: Free 

For foreigners who are interested in this, there are various ways you can attend this event. The best way is to sign up with some of the travel companies who are organising special tours for this event.

You should ask around some of the tour counters in the city. If you try to make your own way there, note the bus and train timings as it stops after midnight. 

This event is simultaneously going on with the Floria Putrajaya 2013 therefore my suggestions is to come after lunch to check out the beautiful flower gardens and displays.

After that, you can just head over to the lakeside to catch the boat parade at the Putrajaya Magic of the Night 2013.

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