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Helicopter Tours in PD

Port Dickson Helicopter ToursHelicopter Tours in Port Dickson are one of the very new niche tourism products  in this part of Negeri Sembilan, which can be found at the all new PD Waterfront district.

Port Dickson is a local township otherwise known as PD that sits on the coast of Negeri Sembilan and is only an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur or Melaka.

This beachside paradise was once the main highlight for local and also foreign tourism many years ago but now has started to flourish again with massive tourism development being constructed and planned here. 

Helicopter Tours in Port Dickson

During one of my visits to the PD Water Festival 2013 with Tourism Malaysia, we were introduced to this brand new tourism product which is managed from a local company that operates this tour only on weekends and public holidays.

For those who have never been in a helicopter, this is a good time to experience it as it. If you have a family, it would serve as an amazing family experience.

Heli Tour Port Dickson
The captain prepares to take off for the ride

Prices for the helicopter tours are around RM250 (US$40) per person, and the total time for this ride is about 15 minutes. You start by signing up at the registration and information tent which is located in an open car park just next to the new PD McDonald's drive through.

This is also in the PD town area for additional information. A complete 10 minute briefing and safety walk through will be conducted by the pilot before going on your tour therefore, you should listen carefully to the instructions here.

Helicopter Ride Port Dickson
Helicopter taking off for the tour from the PD Waterfront

As the helicopter ride then takes off from the landing pad, you will see the PD Waterfront from the air and eventually as you get higher, you see the entire PD coastal area up from the air in a bird eye perspective.

The chopper will fly pass some popular resorts situated along the coast before it makes a turn and head back over ground. Here, you will experience seeing the coastal roads and township from the air before you make your landing back at the landing pad. 

PD Avillion Resort
 View of Avilion Resort in PD from the air

Aerial view of Port Dickson
 View of the PD coastal roads and township

Helicopter Tours in PD
Price: RM250 per person
Duration: 12-15 minutes per ride
Ages: All ages accepted
Availability: Weekend and Public holidays, pending on weather conditions
Contact: On the spot, White Tent next to McDonald's at the PD Waterfront
Restrictions: No video or camera photography allowed

Port Dickson is one of the up and coming local tourism places in Malaysia where driving there is only going to take about one hour from the city of Kuala Lumpur. From KLIA in Sepang, it will only take you 30 minutes.

One of the popular tourist spots is also the PD Waterfront which is relatively new and offers multiple cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. The helicopter tours also begin around here.

The beaches there stretch for many kilometers while there are numerous kinds of hotels and resorts available. Apart from beaches, there are many beach activities, eco-tourism activities and great local food. The latest addition will be this PD helicopter tours.


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