Sabah Rainforest Picture

Sabah Rainforest is my picture of the week. Blessed with some amazing and one of the oldest rainforest in the world, Sabah offers multiple areas where you can explore the beautiful lush rainforest throughout the year. The photo above was taken at the Rainforest Discovery Center in Sandakan at 6 am on one of my trips there for the Borneo Bird Festival.

Other places of interest with nature include Danum Valley, Imbak Canyon, Maliau Basin, Kinabatangan Area, Tabin, Crocker Range and the most famous, Kinabalu Park in Kundasang. To get to some of these places, one needs to plan carefully as flights and off road transfers are required. Sandakan town is one of the main gateways to these amazing places. Every year, I make sure that I will visit one of these places here. Finally, I hope you enjoyed my Sabah Rainforest Picture.