Visit Malaysia Year 2014 or VMY2014 Logo Revealed

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 or VMY2014 Logo revealed unofficially as of 10th March 2013. This VMY14 logo was seen by chance on one of the websites here in Malaysia and it has been watermarked by me as it is still unofficial until announced by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. Right now, it is looking quite simple and plain compared to the previous logos done to promote tourism in Malaysia. 

Judging from the logo, colours of blue, red, yellow and white are used where blue seem to be the dominant colour here seen in the slightly out of shaped rectangle box which I wonder what it means. The star in the middle is a 14 pointed star which most likely indicates the states in Malaysia that probably includes Putrajaya, the federal territory. However, there is also Kuala Lumpur and Labuan which are federal territories therefore, I am waiting to see the explanation of this when they officially launch the VMY2014 Logo.

 VMY14 Logo

The yellow and red little boxes are still puzzling me as I have been spending days thinking what they resemble. Again, I cannot wait to hear it from the authorities when the time comes. The font seems like a modern feel to the entire campaign by using the lower keys therefore I hope that they follow suit with the overall campaign when it is launched.

Below are the previous Visit Malaysia Year Logos which were done three times since 1990. Note that there were two different logos for Visit Malaysia 2007 where the 'Celebrating 50 Years of Nationhood' tag line was the original one. I am still unsure about the second logo.  

First Visit Malaysia Year 1990 logo

Visit Malaysia Year 1994 logo
Official VMY 2007 logo
Alternative VMY 2007 logo

Apparently, this campaign goes back to the late eighties where the visit year concept was implemented by Tourism Thailand in the year 1987. As they embarked on an aggressive campaign, the amazing success of Visit Thailand Year 1987 put Thailand on the international tourist map. The total tourist arrivals in Thailand increased 23% with total revenues (1987 – 1989) about US$230 millions compare to the previous year which many ASEAN countries saw potential in this. 

Malaysia also followed suit from the neighbor and organised two campaigns on Visit Malaysia which were in 1990 and 1994. The first Visit Malaysia Year 1990 campaign was a huge success where the country received 7.4 millions tourist arrivals in total compared  from 4.8 millions tourist arrivals in 1989. The growth was about 56% and the tourism ministry was very happy with that. The following campaign was done again in 1994 using back the the same logo.

Later in 2007, the tourism ministry re-launched the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 with a brand new tag line which was - "Malaysia, Welcomes The World". Malaysia wanted to be know as a tourism destination with first class service, quality, friendly and hospitable.

The objectives of the VMY 2007 campaign were:
  • To promote Malaysia more aggressively in the international markets.
  • To increase number of tourist arrivals.
  • To encourage tourists to stay longer and spend more.
  • To showcase Malaysia’s unique attractions and diversity.
  • To raise local awareness and appreciation of Malaysia’s tourism attractions to stimulate domestic tourism.
 Other countries in ASEAN that took advantage of the "Visit" campaign in the last two decades were;
  • 1987 Visit Thailand Year
  • 1988 Visit Fiesta Island (Philippines)
  • 1990 Visit Malaysia Year
  • 1991 Visit India Year
  • 1992 Visit ASEAN Year
  • 1994 Visit Indonesia Year
  • 1994 Visit Malaysia Year
  • 1994 Visit Korea Year
  • 1996 Visit Myanmar Year
  • 1997 Visit China Year
  • 1997 Visit India Year
  • 2003 Visit Philippines Year
  • 2004 Visit Taiwan Year
  • 2007 Visit Malaysia Year
  • 2008 Visit Thailand Year
  • 2009 Visit Indonesia Year
  • 2014 Visit Malaysia Year
In January 2013, the tourism ministry made the official VMY 2014 launch at Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur where the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Theme Song was revealed which was sung by local Malaysian rock queen, Ella. The current tourism minister, Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen has also mentioned that the country hopes to see a rise in the arrival to 28 million visitors from the current 25 million in 2012. Right now, we can only wait for the Tourism Ministry of Malaysia to make the official announcement for the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 or VMY2014 Logo. 
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Nice logos!

David Jr said...

Thanks! But seriously, I prefer the 2007 one, more fun in the logo.

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