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Matta Fair 2013 Pictures

Matta Fair 2013 Pictures were taken on day one which was on Friday, 15th March. This year, I noticed that many of the booths were very impressive with their designs. Big players like AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines seemed to have dominated the crowds on the first day where huge lines were seen at both booths in Hall 1 at PWTC.One of the exhibitors, Sabah Tourism also had an extra large booth compared to previous years.

As usual, Hall 3 is allocated for domestic travel while halls 1 and 2 are for international travel and to many of the exhibitors surprise, the first day saw more visitors than the previous years. I spoke to a number of them where they shared this information. For a fact, when I walked in at about 2.30pm, the crowd was already growing and by 4pm, it looked very busy compared to the last Matta Fair 2012 in September. Anyhow, for the exhibitors, this was a good thing and they are looking forward to the weekend for more visitors. 

Below are various pictures I took of the Matta Fair 2013 on day one. Please click on them to see a larger picture. Oh, see you at the fair this weekend! 

I also have a post on Matta Fair Tips and Tricks for the first timers heading there this weekend. Like where to park, what to prepare and so on. Have a great weekend and hope you liked my Matta Fair 2013 Pictures.

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