Hat Yai Midnight Songkran

Midnight Songkran Hat Yai
Hat Yai Midnight Songkran is one of the special events that is held on the eve of the water festival here. Apparently, this is the only place where it is celebrated on a large scale with many other activities to usher in the Thai New Year.

This time around, I was fortunate enough to witness the water festival from the eve right to the second day and let me tell you, this is one amazing festival to attend, provided you do not mind getting soaked.

This fun water splashing festival actually started around 2005 as many Malaysians would head across the border to participate and enjoy the Songkran Festival. For the Thai people, usually they would wrap up the fun just after dinner but the Malaysians would continue in celebrating this thus was born the Midnight Songkran in Hat Yai.

These days, the soaking even starts in the morning on the eve of the festival. So, if you are headed here ahead, you would be in for a load of splashing fun in Hat Yai.

Night Songkran in Hat Yai
Spectators and locals exchange splashes on the streets of Hat Yai

Below is a series of pictures taken by me during the Midnight Songkran 2012 in Hat Yai. I literally wrapped my DSLR camera with a plastic bag as I knew that I was bound to get soaked here.

The trick is to be ready for splashes from all directions but the best tip is to bring a underwater casing for your camera if you have one. I managed to capture Songkran pictures in the day and also night therefore this article focuses on the night activity.

For those heading here this year, make sure you are well prepared and also very supportive in all ways. This means, all kinds of people are going to be splashing water at you.

From normal water to ice cold freezing water. Below are various pictures taken throughout the town of Hat Yai during the midnight Songkran water festival. Click on them to see the full size.

Midnight Songkran Photos

Official Hatyai Midnight Songkran poster

The streets of Hat Yai get really crowded after 8pm

Local powder sold for the Songkran

Hat Yai goes into a water battle at night

Locals ride around in pick up trucks and soak anyone in the way with cold water

A Muay Thai Boxer gets ready for showdown

Locals getting powdered on the streets

A Thai girl armed with a Minnie Mouse water gun
During the night Foam Party on the streets of Hat Yai

Some of the delicious Thai food available all around Hat Yai during the Songkran Festival

Thai ladies soaked while riding bikes

Police and Military doing checks on people coming to the Songkran

Free concerts and shows were found throughout Hat Yai town

On the streets of Hat Yai, no one was spared

Happy and cheerful Teenagers roam the streets

Even the Thai Police was seen in a jovial mood at the Midnight Songkran

Water being thrown at people but I was at the back...

For those exploring further, here is an article of Where to go in Hat Yai which lists the many interesting places around Southern Thailand.

If you are planning to go there, make sure you book your hotels in the main part of town, that is the most strategic location. If you are driving there, make sure you get your documents all prepared and go one day earlier.

Hatyai Midnight Songkran
Date: Around April
Venue: All over the city

For those interested in witnessing this amazing water festival next year, you should book ahead as it starts on the 12th of April, one day before the actual festival.

If you have witnessed the general water festival in other parts of Thailand, then you should really experience the Hat Yai Midnight Songkran.
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