Malaysia Asia nominated for Social Media Tourism Blog of the Year 2013

Malaysia Asia has been nominated for Social Media Tourism Blog of the Year 2013 for the upcoming MITBCA 2013 or Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference and Awards 2013. As it is a pleasant surprise for me, I was quite unsure if I would get any votes this time around. As last year, the winners were determined by the number of votes to jump into the top three finalist and for me, voting shows only quantity and not quality. You know the math.

Anyway, as I am already nominated for the Social Media Tourism Blog of the Year, I would appreciate if you, my friends or fans for the last four years would help me cast a vote in the category mentioned above. Again, I am not forcing you but if you think I deserve a vote for the years of work I have put in promoting my country, I would very much appreciate it. This is also a register, log-in and vote concept. So here is what you have to do;

1. Go to the Voting Link for Social Media Tourism Blog of the Year 2013
2. Register with your email OR log in via Facebook (the fastest way)
3. Get the confirmation email and head back to the site
4. Click Vote on the Yellow Button (You can only vote once)
5. Log out and you are done! 

I also checked and I was nominated in some other categories like Tourism Cultural Blog and Tourism Micro Blogger of the Year 2013. If you think I deserve other votes in those categories, please feel free to cat a vote there too. The links are;
The voting will take place from 9th February to 22nd February 2013. 

Remember, my voting link is -

Malaysia Asia nominated in the tourism social media blog of the year 2013

If you should know, when it comes to voting games, I am absolutely against it as it is a very Asian thing which is easy for the organisers to maintain. If it were me, I would rather have a minimal vote and maximum judging on content, design and creativity. This would be a much more proper method to qualify the right entries and winners. If you look at many of the awards and contest around Malaysia, many of them still like to use the 'Most Votes' wins which is really sad. I hope this old mindset changes soon and finally, I would like to thank anyone who has voted for Malaysia Asia nominated for Social Media Tourism Blog of the Year.
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David Bennett said...


Ilya said...

You have my vote too :)

David Jr said...

Hey guys, thanks you so much for your votes. Really appreciate it :)

Jeff Tan said...


ramli said...

congrats on the nomination. voted.

Ain said...

I agree regarding the most vote thing. Quite unfair if u ask me. But of course max exposure. Anuways, congrats on the nomination. Have my vote anytime :-)

David Jr said...

Jeff - Thanks so much.

Ramli - Thanks so much.

Ain - What to do, sometimes we are so modern in our infrastructure but backwards in many areas. I hope this will change and thank for your vote! :)

CathJ said...

Voted... all the best bro.. :)

David Jr said...

Thank you very much Cath! You're one of the 1st few followers of Malaysia Asia since 4 years ago. :)

Piotr said...

Voted, good luck

David Jr said...

Thank you Piotr for your vote! :)

Leslie Horning said...

Wow! That's great. I love your blog, but I guess I didn't realize just how popular it was with everyone else. Congrats!

Diana Diane Teo said...

Voted you earlier & thanks for voting mine too. Myself also dislike these voting games cause sometimes people can play cheat and unfair to those who really deserve it like you. I really pray hardly that you will win cause your blog are one of the travel blog I came across. =D

David Jr said...

Thank you everyone for voting Malaysia Asia. However, the travel site did not win but was finalist for 3 categories.

The good news is that Medical Tourism Selangor won the Best Tourism Healthcare Blog for 2013.

Thank you again for your support and look forward to sharing more travel news and information here.


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