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Escape Theme Park in Penang

Penang Escape Theme Park

Escape Theme Park in Penang was opened in December 2012 at Teluk Bahang just after Batu Feringgi, and is currently the most popular theme park in northern Malaysia.

This new and exciting theme adventure park was conceptualized by founder and Chief Executive of Sim Leisure, Sim Choo Kheng who states the theme park in Penang is different from any other theme park.

He considers this as a re-visioning and departure from the conventional ideas of roller-coaster rides, and sugar-coated fantasies.

Escape Theme Park

Penang Theme Park Escape
Father and son enjoying a ride. Photo by Escape Penang.
The Escape adventure park draws from a personalize childhood past to capture the dreams and traditional values and addresses some of the problems of our current age by encouraging physical wellness and re-connection with nature. 

Among the many unique attractions at Escape Penang, kids and adults can choose from the many types of games and fun-filled activities available here.

Most of them can be participated by both adult and child so the fun factor is doubled. Overall, a family can spend a good full day here or for those in a rush, half a day would be just nice for all the activities.

Penang Escape Park
A kid playing in the Foxy Burrow attraction
The owner claims that children in the past was more active (which is very true), they had to create a game, make a toy, climb a tree, or run around outdoors.

Today’s children spend hours sitting in front of a screen, or on their iPads, often alone, to have fun. But this is not really fun.

Straight forward, it is absolutely unhealthy for them, physically and mentally. And this is one of the reasons why many children today are overweight, sedentary, and lack the sparkle of kids in the past.

The new theme park in Penang is also aiming to be a world-class leisure and tourism destination that promotes an appreciation of nature in a fun and engaging manner.

At Escape Penang, there are no rules here, just act like a child and have fun! This is a clear message to adults and children who are planning to visit this place.

Penang Escape Park
Atan's Leap, one of the popular things to do here

On 7th November 2012 Escape Adventureplay Theme Park opened to the public and its launch was met by an overwhelmingly positive reaction leading to the official opening ceremony on 8th December 2012.

The Escape story is not over as the whole vision is on a growth path, with two years now passed. 2014 will see the opening of Escape Waterplay, to be followed by the Escape Treetops Hotel.

Map for Escape Theme Park Penang
Escape Theme Park Penang Map

How to go to Escape Theme Park in Penang?

The location of Escape Theme Park is opposite and adjacent to the Penang Butterfly Farm, Jalan Teluk Bahang where it is a short scenic and coastal drive from Batu Ferringhi.

Once you reach the round-a-bout in Teluk Bahang, take the first left turn and drive about 800m along the main road.

GPS Coordinates for Escape Theme Park in Penang;

5.449075,100.215118 and 5.4482,100.213981

Map of Escape Penang
Escape Penang Map

For more information, visit the Escape Theme Park Website. Detailed information about the rides and attractions can be found there with additional information including promotions. 

Ticket Prices for Escape Adventure Park:
  • Future Kids: Below Four 4 Years Old - FREE
  • Junior Kids: 4 - 12 Years Old - RM45
  • Big Kids: 13- 60 Years Old - RM60 
  • Super Kids: Above 60 Years Old - RM45
I have also compiled a list of Theme Parks in Malaysia for those who love visiting these kinds of places. The list is for the entire country which also includes water parks.

Depending on where you are traveling, there may be a theme park waiting for you and your family to explore.

Final Thoughts on the Escape Theme Park in Penang

To a lot of family travelers, you now have a fun and adventure attractions suitable for just about everyone who plans to visit Penang Island.

Apart from the general shopping, food, and beach found around the island, those with families or simply wanting something different can have some adventure and fun at one of the latest attractions here up north called the Escape Theme Park in Penang.


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Thanks Ramli, hope you and the family visit Escape Theme Park in Penang soon, let us know how it was!

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TheTuscany, yes, with the current demand for theme parks in the country, it is good timing that Escape went on a different route. Sets them aside from all the regular ones. Thanks :)

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Wish it came up earlier during my visit to Malaysia.. Beautiful country and friendly people :)

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Anon, I guess it will have to be another trip back to Malaysia this year or next maybe?

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Apologies for the price change as it was an opening price promotion. The new ticket price to Escape Theme Park has been changed here.