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Things to do in Johor

Johor Things to Do

Things to do in Johor is a list complied for all those who seek entertainment in the southernmost state of Malaysia.

Since 2010, the Iskandar Malaysia project was conceptualized for future urban development and included were a number of theme parks and entertainment zones here.

Within the next few years, you will see a whole new development as it is undergoing massive restructuring and construction currently.

Things to do in Johor 

The best possible way to see all these places in Johor would be to self-drive here. Everything is within the Iskandar area so public transport would be a little difficult at the moment.

At most, from one attraction to the other will only take you 20 to 30 minutes drive. Here are a number of things to do in Johor in no particular order.

Entrance to Legoland Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia entrance
1. Visit Legoland Malaysia

Opened in September 2012,  Legoland is Malaysia's first-ever international theme park in the southern part of Malaysia.

This modern park measuring 76-acre (31 hectares) is brought together by IDR Resorts and UK based Merlin Entertainment costing a whopping RM750 million.

To date, there have been over 1,000,000 visitors to the park and the number is rising. A must-visit if you have kids and prepare to spend at least half a day there.

Just before entering the park, there is the Medini Mall where you can find various restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, and even a general store. If not, you can also try the many restaurants inside Legoland Malaysia.

The entrance fees cover all the rides inside the park, you only pay for the food and souvenirs. Currently, the park is also building the Legoland Water Park which will open in 2013 and the Legoland Hotel in 2014.

You can also see some of my Legoland opening pictures. when I visited here for the official opening of this place. 

Johor Hello Kitty Town
Hello Kitty Town entrance in Johor
2. Visit Hello Kitty Town Malaysia

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is an indoor theme park that is housed in the Puteri Harbour building in Nusajaya which recently opened at the end of October 2012.

Suitable for children and all those who love the cute pink Japanese kitten, the Hello Kitty Town is located on the first floor of the Puteri Harbor building.

Hello Kitty Town is also located just 10 to 15 minutes drive from Legoland so you can visit both places in one day.

I would suggest visiting Hello Kitty Land after Legoland as it is fully air-conditioned here. There are restaurants, cafes, rides, and a large souvenir shop.

The attraction is also about 20-30 minutes' drive from Singapore. For more pictures, directions and ticket prices, read this article on Hello Kitty Town in Johor.

Johor Puteri Harbor
The main entertainment building at Puteri Harbor in Johor
3. Visit Puteri Harbor 

Puteri Harbour is a 60,000 square feet massive indoor facility and is one of the five flagship zones in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor.

The entertainment hub will comprise of The Little Big Club that is designed around HIT Entertainment's popular characters namely Thomas & Friends™, Bob the Builder™, Angelina Ballerina™; Barney & Friends™ and Pingu™ apart from the most popular attraction here, Hello Kitty Town.

Attractions at Putri Harbor
Puteri Harbor attractions
There is also a unique themed family restaurant by popular local celebrity Malaysian cartoonist, Lat, where you can savor authentic local Malaysian delight apart from experiencing the attractions.

In total, there are three main attractions under one roof and Puteri Harbour is also about 10 minutes from Legoland Malaysia, and about 20 minutes drive from the Singapore checkpoint.

Johor Danga Bay
Danga Bay at night
4. Visit Danga Bay

Danga Bay in Johor is well known as one of the first projects after the Iskandar Malaysia launching. Called Teluk Danga in Malay, it is also the premier waterfront city and the largest recreational park in the city of Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The entire bay area is spread over 450 acres of land with 25km of waterfront shoreline dotted with residential projects, upmarket condominiums, restaurants, mini theme parks, and modern office buildings.

In the vicinity, there are a number of hotels and business developments too. One of the prominent hotels here is the Tune Hotels Danga Bay, which is at the main junction of the highways here.

As for me, I stayed at this hotel because it was convenient for me to move around the area. Danga Bay is also about 10 to 15 minutes away from the main CIQ causeway to Singapore.

JPO Johor
Coach Factory Outlet at Johor Premium Outlets or JPO
5. JPO or Johor Premium Outlets

Johor Premium Outlets are a must-visit for any family who is visiting the state. This is also Malaysia's first international factory outlet store which caters to many branded and top brands.

Shopping enthusiasts will find that this factory outlet offers up to 70% discounts on many branded items. The Johor Premium Outlet is also located about 20 minutes from Legoland and Hello Kitty Town and about 30 minutes from Singapore.

For more pictures, listing, and directions, please see this JPO article. And for those Malaysians heading south for these attractions, I would also recommend you dedicate an extra day to also cover the Universal Studios Singapore as it is a short drive across the border.

Conclusion on Things to do in Johor

There are of course many other things to do in Johor, namely exploring nature or going on a culinary food hunt, but these are currently the most popular attractions catered to the mainstream tourist

If you are staying in the main city area of Johor Bharu, you will also find some interesting museums and many other places of interest.

And if you love the sea, there are beaches scattered around the state which I have not put in and will do so in my next article so I hope you enjoy this list of things to do in Johor.


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