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Sabah Tea Garden Review

Photo of Sabah Tea Garden

These Sabah Tea Garden photos were taken by me during one of my many trips to Borneo, and I was actually on the way up north and made a stop here to visit this unique tea plantation in Sabah.

The Sabah Tea Garden is also an award-winning brand and is also the top tea supplier and exporter in Borneo, which carries a vast number of tea selections.

This place is also a well-known stopover destination up to the north of Borneo, where Kudat is located.

It is also near the Ranau area, and at times, many travellers will spend a night here to experience the cool air, unique teas and see how the entire tea process is done here.

Review of the Sabah Tea Garden 

Tea Garden in Ranau Sabah
Entrance to the tea garden.

Once you get here, the first thing you will see is the main reception building, which houses the reception, restaurant, and souvenir shop that sells all the ranges of tea and many other products.

Around the back, they have a cottage area that acts as a cosy little homestay with little gardens outside each unit. 

A complete tour is offered at the factory area of how the tea is collected, processed and final packaging. Then a demonstration is done in a room to show you the difference between low quality and high-quality teas.

This was quite interesting as I never knew you could dye tea leaves, as demonstrated in two cups before my eyes. Finally, there was a range of all the products sold in the last room since the early days.

When you exit the factory showroom, you can go into the central tea plantation and see the actual tea trees there.

Picture of Sabah Tea Garden
Beautiful views of the Sabah Tea Garden.

You can book a room at the Sabah Tea Garden Resort, which offers some fantastic promotional prices if you are interested. 

Sabah Tea Garden Information
Room Prices: RM120 (US$35) per night
Sabah Tea Address: Km17, Jalan Ranau, 88851 Ranau,
Sabah Borneo Malaysia
Tel: +6 088 440882

When I was done here, my journey continued towards the Tip of Borneo for another exciting adventure there. 

Along the way, I made a stop at one of the few remaining Rungus tribe houses, which are well preserved. The unique longhouse also provides tours and charges with a small fee. 

How To Go To Sabah Tea Garden?

If you are self-driving, I recommend that you use Waze or Google Maps to find this location, as it is only one main road heading northeast of Kota Kinabalu. 

Road signs are easy to identify, and you just head to Ranau or Kundasang along the A150 road. The Sabah Tea Plantation is located after the towns of Kundasang and Ranau. 


There are also tour companies in KK that make day trips to this place; therefore, you can inquire about this from any tour agents in Kota Kinabalu.

Apart from the scenic journey to get here, you will experience watching the simple and beautiful life of the local villages along the way there.

For the record, Malaysia has a few tea plantations where Sabah Tea is the largest in Borneo, while Bharat Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands is the largest in peninsular Malaysia.

I hope you enjoyed my Sabah Tea Garden review and photos, and do ask below if you have any questions about this beautiful place.

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