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Richard Branson as an AirAsia Stewardess

AirAsia Stewardess Richard Branson

Did you know that Richard Branson once dressed up as an AirAsia Stewardess? Many thought that this was just a joke but Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson WILL don the AirAsia red skirt and serve drinks on an AirAsia flight in May of 2013.

According to AirAsia group chief executive officer Tan Seri Tony Fernandes from one of his tweets, he mentioned: “Now here is a man with honor @richardbranson who just contacted me to honor his bet."

This was the biggest news in the airline industry back then and it is finally going to happen. If you ask me, this was also the biggest airline marketing strategy in the world where both airlines would benefit from. Very smart move indeed.

 Richard Branson the Stewardess promotion in 2011

Why Did Richard Branson Dress Up As An AirAsia Stewardess? 

So, how did this all come about? Some of you may be curious but in December 2009, Branson challenged Fernandes' Lotus F1 team to beat his Virgin Racing group at the 2010 Formula 1 championship season.

And the bet was that the the loser would have to serve as a stewardess on the winner's airline. Richard Branson lost the bet to Tony Fernandes, but due to a knee injury in 2011, the bet was postponed till further notice.

Many thought that this was just a joke but it seems like it is finally happening in 2013. It was reported two years ago that Branson would have to wear a specially tailored AirAsia uniform to fit his tall 180 cm frame. 

During the flight, Branson would be serving passengers on a a specially chartered flight between Kuala Lumpur and London on an AirAsia X flight.


Tickets were reported to be sold out for this amazing marketing stunt as the day has come when the world will see this airline mogul don a skirt and serve passengers on board a flight.

On the bright side, all proceeds from the flight would go towards a charity organization of Branson's choice and this is the one time in your life where you see world renown billionaire Richard Branson as an AirAsia Stewardess.

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