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KL Tower Picture

KL Tower Picture is my final travel photo for 2012 as in a couple of days, it will be a New Year in Malaysia. Anyway, just for fun to close the year, my question to you - Is this the real KL Tower picture? I would be easily fooled as well, but let me just share with you that this picture was taken in Johor. Yes, the most southern state of Malaysia bordering Singapore, this was actually taken at Legoland Malaysia, the first international theme park in the country. The KL Tower structure is one of many which are on display and stands about 20 feet high. I had to get down really low to capture this shot too.

KL Tower Picture made from Lego Bricks

If you are planning on visiting Legoland Malaysia, please go to the Miniland as you will find various Asian country structures on display. Each country in the region has their own iconic structures or buildings and all of this is made purely out of Lego bricks. Fascinating on how they made it look like the real thing which is scaled down. One of my favorite displays is the Angkor Wat Lego model. Others include Lego structures of Singapore, China, Bali, India, Philippines and Thailand which are all breath-taking. Here is a tip, avoid going on school holidays or weekends as it can get really crowded. Wishing all my readers and those who find this post a Happy New Year 2013 from Malaysia and I hope you liked my Lego KL Tower Picture.



Spencer said...

I'll bet the view up there is amazing!

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