Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur Opening Pictures

Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur Opening Pictures taken on the 1st December 2012 after a wonderful and memorable event where members of the media, trade members and corporate guests were invited to witness this special opening. After an absence of over 25 years, this historical building has once again come back to life and special thanks to YTL Hotels who had taken over the original Majestic Hotel. A huge investment was also put in to renovate the entire original structure and also build a massive adjoining building to make it the only hotel in KL that recently received a Luxury status. 

The iconic Majestic KL doormen in Colonial outfits

Having survived over 30 years since the 50s, the Majestic is one of Kuala Lumpur's most iconic hotel and landmark. I was told that when the television sets first made their way into then Malaya, the Majestic was the first hotel in the country to have television sets in the rooms. To be honest with you, it is my first time setting foot in this prestigious property as before heading for the opening event, I briefly spoke to my mum about this place and she told me that she and my late dad had visited the hotel back in the day. I am sure that the parents of most Malaysians in their 30s would also have experienced this place back then.

Majestic KL deluxe room photo

After a brief introduction by the hoteliers, a room inspection was conducted by the many staff that were stationed in each of the room types. Weaving in and out of the corridor of the new wing, rooms were decently spacious with a touch of modern in them. Bathrooms showcased the claw legged bathtubs in a spacious area while bathroom amenities were from Crabtree & Evelyn which is a first in the entire YTL property diversion.

Dinner was soon announced where guests were treated to a selection of a luxurious buffet style dining at Opus One which is a luxuriously designed contemporary restaurant. From Japanese fresh cuts, eastern and western choices to local delicacies, the overall feeling in this 250 seat restaurant was a notch higher than the usual hotel restaurants. One thing that really caught my attention was the dessert section where a stunning selection of cakes and pastries got me really going. From a personal point of view, I loved the Durian and Cempedak ice cream served.

Majestic KL Rooftop Garden opening party

Mills Brothers performing for the Majestic KL opening

After dinner, the main performance was held at the rooftop garden and guests were ushered up to the open area. Arriving here, the entire musical entourage was ready and in a matter of minutes, a welcome speech by executive director Datuk Mark introduced the stars of the night who were specially flown in for the opening. The legendary Mills Brothers from the USA was to perform for a whopping 90 minutes in this standing mini concert. One of the brothers, Elmer Hopper who spent a whopping 21 years with The Platters, got the crowd back in time with a very famous song by them - Only You.

Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur old wing reception

The moment that I was waiting for finally came where I was taken to view the original Majestic Wing. As I walked in, it felt like I was taken back in time, back to the golden age of the 50s. Passing through the main bar, the Solianos Band was performing as how they once did in their heydays. The Colonial Restaurant was also part of The Bar where it reminded me of the Coliseum Restaurant. Neatly arranged cutlery stood out against the thick white table cloths giving it a classic look and feel. Decorations in the entire hall consisted of old porcelain plates and classic pictures of old Kuala Lumpur in frames. Overall, I am yet to try the food there and I hear they also serve afternoon tea and scones too.

The Smoke House at Majestic KL

The only thing that was missing was smoke in the air and bad ventilation, this would easily be a great movie set if there was, but unfortunately, smokers should know that the entire Majestic Hotel KL is a non-smoking hotel. However, for those who really need their fix, there is The Smoke House where you can please your addiction. This special smoking, game and grooming room is built in the former Tourism Building that once catered to travelers seeking information. It sits between the old and new wing walkway too.

Majestic KL Ballroom

Finally, I was taken to the Majestic KL Ballroom which is located on the first floor. This 1200 capacity ballroom is huge and pillar-less, not forgetting the only hotel in Malaysia that uses a super large LCD screen for the main stage backdrop. The overall feel for this place sums up to one word - Grand and according to the staff at the Majestic KL, the ballroom is fully booked till Chinese New Year for the weekends, especially with grand events and weddings.

One last place that I did not manage to visit was the Majestic Spa which I am told is of the Scottish designed Art Deco style. I hope to try it out one of these days and will most definitely write about it. So if you are feeling a little high-heeled, check out the Hotel Majestic KL for that luxurious feel. The hotel also offers a special coach service to KL Sentral and Starhill Gallery in Bukit Bintang throughout the day. This is available to hotel guest at every 30 minutes. No other hotel in the city boasts of this classic colonial theme delivered in a luxurious style.  Below are random pictures taken from the opening night at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Majestic Hotel Opening Pictures 2012

 L - Majestic KL lobby, R - Rooftop Garden event launch

Colonial Restaurant

L - The original reception counter of the Majestic Hotel, R - Governors Suite

Majestic Hotel KL Bar

 L --Soliano's Band performing at the Majestic Bar. R - Rooftop Garden opening party

Classic bathroom at the Governors suite

Old wing air well that houses 47 suites

Majestic KL opening party at the rooftop garden

Premier suite at the new wing of the Majestic Hotel

Governor's suite at the old wing of the Majestic Hotel KL

For more information, you can visit the official website for Hotel Majestic KL or read more on my previous article on the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.On the main website, there is also an interesting video about the history of the hotel too.

Again, this property of YTL is also the only hotel in KL to be awarded a luxury status therefore, it is targeted to the higher end market or for those who want to experience staying at one of Malaysia's unique Colonial themed hotels. I hope you enjoyed my article on the Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur Opening Pictures.